27th August 2007

A short walk on Rannerdale Knotts


Walk Overview
Time 11.45 to 14.15
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 4 mile
Ascent 1430 ft
Walking with On my own
Cinderdale Common - Rannerdale - Rannerdale Knotts - Crummock Water - Cinderdale Common
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Cinderdale Common

There are a couple of small car park areas along Cinderdale Common. They're all free and offer easy access to Rannerdale, where during late spring the display of blue bells is simply outstanding.


Route Map

Looking through to High Rannerdale from the path we'd followed from Cinderdale Common.

Rannerdale Farm in front of Crummock Water.

We then used this footbridge to cross Squat Beck, walked through the gate in the wall opposite the beck and then continued along the easy to follow path up to the head of the valley.

The view back down the route towards Crummock Water and Low Fell / Fellbarrow.

The steady climb up through the valley took us past this sheepfold.

And then as you reach the Rannerdale Knotts ridge, the view down to Buttermere and its surrounding fells opens up.

Looking back along the ridge to Robinson (under cloud) and High Snockrigg.
The path running up to the end of the ridge (left) is the path we'd followed through Rannerdale.

Looking down to Buttermere and village.

As we approached Rannerdale Knotts summit the forecasted afternoon sunshine was quickly moving across from the west.

A fine view across to the bulk of Grasmoor with the Lad Hows ridge curling around the front of the fell.

Whiteless Pike seen from the ridge near Rannerdale Knotts summit.

Most of the walk had been quite sheltered from the wind so far, when we rounded the summit however, we were heading straight into a stiff breeze. Notice the black water caused by the wind blowing across the Lake.

And looking in the same direction as the previous photo, from the start of the very steep path back down towards Crummock Water.

Rannerdale Farm enjoying some sunshine.

As I said "very steep" !



By any stretch of the imagination, this has hardly been what you could describe as a warm summer, so you can't wonder at our surprise when we saw three people in Crummock Water (bottom right of the lake). They weren't even swimming or splashing about, from the time we first spotted them until we reached the lake shore, they just stood there shivering, waist deep in the water. It's commonly said that we all do things on holiday that we wouldn't do at home, but this really can't have been any fun.

Heading around the Rannerdale Farm end of the fell to join up again with the path back to Cinderdale Common.


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