11th November 2007

A trip to the tarns at Torver


Walk Overview
Time 10.20 to 14.20
Duration 3 hr
Distance 6.8 mile
Ascent 1185 ft
Walking with On my own
Beckstones - Kelly Hall Tarn - Long Moss Tarn - Coniston Lake Shore - (across) A5084 - Tottle Bank - Torver Tarn - Anne Riggs - Mill Bridge - Torver - A5084 - Beckstones
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Beckstones, Torver

This is just a small car park opposite the garage just south of Torver. The car aprk is only a stones throw away from the lovely little Kelly Hall Tarn.


Route Map

Long Moss Tarn and if ever the name of a tarn was reflected by its surroundings, its shape and its general appearance then this is it.

And seen from the opposite end of the tarn where the outlook makes it look not quite as long, but altogether more attractive.

This view down Coniston Water taken from the slightly higher ground just past Long Moss Tarn.

I know I was sheltered from any breeze there might have been, but I was still surprised at just how warm the sunshine was as I followed the lovely shoreline path next to Coniston Water (seen here looking back).


OK I admit it, I was starting to suffer the effects of seasickness as I walked out to the end of the jetty at Sunny Bank; then I realised the jetty is one of those that rise and fall as the water level changes. Only this one didn't just move up and down, it was also moving from side to side. A strange sensation, until I realised what it was.


One of the most prominent features of this area must surely be the rows of power lines. Obviously I noticed they were there at the time, but to be honest, the impact on the view at this point wasn't noticed so much until I looked at the photos when I got home. Once I reached the more open fellside nearer Tover tarn however, it was indeed a different matter.

Now it was time for something to eat; so I took a slight detour and ascended this lovely little fell - Tottle Bank. I have to say this isn't a bad view across Tover Low Common to the Coniston fells, considering the fell is little more than 500ft in height.

Tover Tarn and the dam which is found at the southern end of the tarn.
The OS map describes this water as "Reservoir (disused)", which is a little misleading as this is actually a natural tarn, enlarged by the dam to provide water power to the nearby bobbin mill at Sunny Bank. Thankfully, when the mill ceased to operate in the early 20th century, the dam, which blends perfectly with the surroundings, was left in place and the tarn remained at it's current size.

The view down Tover Tarn from the stone dam and as I said "it blends in perfectly with the surroundings". Undoubtedly this is a lovely spot, even if it is tarnished somewhat by the power lines


Another fine view from a modest height, this time from Anne Riggs.

One of the cottages just outside Tover.

Looking back along the A5084 which I'd followed from Tover.

Now it gets complicated; well sort of.
I haven't got the pictures out of sequence, but this picture shows Kelly Hall Tarn in front of the Coniston fells. I did actually pass this tarn at the start of the walk, but it was a little cloudy at the time and the pictures weren't very good at all. As the tarn is no more than a couple of minutes walk from the car park, at the end of the walk I put my gear in the back of the car and nipped up to the tarn again to take some pictures while the sun was showing the tarn at its best. A well spent 10 minutes as it turned out.

And again.

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