25th November 2007

Kentmere, Nan Bield Pass and the Kentmere Pike ridge


Walk Overview
Time 09.00 to 14.20
Duration 5 hr 20 min
Distance 9.5 mile
Ascent 2535 ft
Walking with Jennifer and Andrew & Anne Leaney
Kentmere - Low Lane - Overend - Nan Bield Pass - Harter Fell - Kentmere Pike - Shipman Knotts - High Lane - Kentmere
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Kentmere village

Parking is at a premium in Kentmere, with the early bird generally being the one who gets the space. I should add that apparently, one of the fields near the village is occasionally opened for parking, but I've yet to come here on such an occasion.

I imagine many people come here to walk the Kentmere Horseshoe route, which is all well and good, and I've enjoyed this walk many times myself. However, there are also lots of other walks that can be undertaken from Kentmere, not lest, a simple out and back walk to Kentmere Tarn.


Route Map

Houses and cottages in Kentmere, seen from the road in front of the church.

Jennifer and Anne waiting patiently at Overend Farm.

Gaining a little height now and getting a view back into Kentmere valley.
This is such a long valley, even after you've done the drive from Staveley to Kentmere Village, you're still a heck of a long way from the head of the valley. The good news (or bad news depending on your point of view) is that the only mode of transport on offer past Kentmere village is to do it yourself and walk. As a result of this you're usually in for a quiet time.

Kentmere Reservoir.

Heading towards the top of Nan Bield Pass (the lowest point on the skyline) in a brief spell of sunshine.
From this point it just looks like another rock, but the little "lump" at the top of the pass is actually the shelter where we had our lunch.

Almost at the top of Nan Bield Pass and looking down to Kentmere Reservoir with Sallows, York and Ill Bell behind.

Nan Bield Pass shelter found at the highest point of the pass where a crossroad of paths run as follows:-
The path straight ahead leads up to Mardale Ill Bell
The path on the right of the picture leads down to Small Water and Mardale Head
The path behind the shelter is the one we'd followed up from Kentmere
The path on the left of the picture leads up to Harter Fell

Looking down to Small Water from the route up Harter Fell.

Looking back from the path to Harter Fell.
Notice the zig-zag path on the left side of the ridge; this is Nan Bield Pass.

Harter Fell summit.

Sunshine on Branstree and an icy wind blowing from the west.

Kentmere Pike summit, found on the opposite side of the wall to the ridge path. Even so, some people will still go to any lengths to get a better view

The view back to the summit, taken from one of the pools / boggy bits found along the ridge.

In the opposite direction down the ridge you have Shipman Knotts.

Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick, Stony Cove Pike and Thornthwaite Crag.

Longsleddale; another secluded valley, this one found to the east of Kentmere.

Shipman Knotts.

Back off the ridge now at Stile End and looking through to the head of the valley.

A couple of local hippies in one of the fields above High Lane.

A close up of some of the buildings near Kentmere church. The path behind is the Kentmere side of Garburn Pass.

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