18th December 2007

High Pike - a great day in a great place


Walk Overview
Time 10.20 to 15.00
Duration 4 hr 40 min
Distance 8.7 mile
Ascent 1749 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Mosedale - Caldbeck Common Road - Carrock Beck - West Fell - High Pike - Lingy Hut - Grainsgill Beck - Swinedale - Mosedale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Bowscale Hamlet

Although Bowscale is the tiniest of places, parking is usually adequate for the amount of people who want to walk from here at one time.

Parking is free, and keep your eyes open for the fell ponies which roam around this area.


Route Map

The final section of todays walk took me along Castle Lane; a short and rather narrow road linking the A591 above Chestnut Hill and Castlerigg Stone Circle. The picture here shows the Lord's Seat fells on the left, Bassenthwaite Lake in the centre and Dodd on the right of the photo.

Carrock Fell seen above the tiny hamlet of Mosedale.
It was another gorgeous morning today and although the frost may not have been quite as hard over here as it was when we left home in the West of the county, it was still cold, crisp and clear which make for an excellent day on the fells.


A long (ish) walk along the road would put most people off or perhaps they'd view it as a necessary, but unwanted section of the route. On days like this though; when the place is deserted and traffic is notably absent, I thoroughly enjoy places like this.

It must have warmed up a little, Jennifer has taken her hat off.

Heading up to High Pike across the open fellside along the edge of West Fell.
From here it looks like a bit of a confusion of paths ahead of us, but the apparently untidy collection of the paths occupy no more than the area around some old mine workings. When you reach the mines the way ahead is pretty obvious or at least it is in good visibility.

And looking back down West Fell from the mine working mentioned in the previous photo.

High Pike summit.


After leaving High Pike we headed down to follow a short section of the Cumbria Way; a long distance walk from Carlisle in the north to Ulverston in the south of the county. I think we were on the route for about 20 minutes, which is somewhat less then the four days or so needed to walk the entire route.

Carrock Fell seen from the sheep pens found near the main track above Lingy Hut.

Carrock Fell again, this time seen from Lingy Hut itself; a welcome source of shelter from the elements. I'm always amazed that Lingy Hut withstands the conditions up here, particularly the wind, which must be horrendous at times. Having said that, perhaps someone does need to keep putting the hut back together after stormy weather.

And the inside.
It's a pity Jim had nothing better to do in 87.

Back down to valley level now and at the end of the road which runs from Mosedale and past Swineside. Notice the ice on the road. For quite a few stretches of the road we had to tip-toe across what was more like a skating rink than a road.
Lingy Hut can just be seen as a little dot on the skyline in the far distance.

Fell ponies near Mosedale.

A quiet winters afternoon in Mosedale.

"Listen to that" one of us said, and then we saw the line of fell ponies running down the road in our direction. Thankfully we were in the right place to leave the main road and nip onto the short section of road over the old Mosedale Bridge. I don't suppose they would have ran at us intentionally and they're probably more inquisitive than anything else, but I wasn't going to put that theory to the test. They may be small, but I wouldn't like one or indeed all of them to take a dislike to me.

And some more. Needless to say, Jennifer didn't hang around with me while I took the photos.

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