23rd December 2007

3 hours seclusion - Heughscar Hill, Moor Divock and Arthur's Pike


Walk Overview
Time 10.00 to 13.20
Duration 3 hr 20 min
Distance 9.5 mile
Ascent 1600 ft
Walking with On my own
Pooley Bridge - Roehead - Heughscar Hill - Moor Divock - Roman Road - Arthur's Pike - Barton Fell - The Cockpit Stone Circle - Roe Head - Pooley Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Pooley Bridge

This is just one of a couple of large car parks found in Pooley Bridge, and for those simply wanting to look around the village, it couldn't be more convenient. For those wanting a much longer walk onto the Heughscar Hill / Arthur's Pike area it may not be quite as convenient, but it still offers a very pleasant walk from the village to the fells.

Needless to say there is a charge for the privilege of using this car park.


Route Map

The little village of Pooley Bridge was nice and quiet this morning. There was barely more then a couple of people walking about and it was so peaceful; quite a different scene from the one you'd be greeted with at the height of the summer season.

Ullswater in front of Gowbarrow Fell (left) and Little Mell Fell (right).

This picture shows a similar view to the previous one. Although this photo was taken a little further up the route onto Heughscar Hill where large areas of Bracken have been cut to provide winter bedding for the animals.

Looking down the Limestone (I think) pavement found on the fellside between Heugh Scar and Heughscar Hill.

Sunshine on Heughscar Hill.


This view towards Arthur's Pike helps to show the expanse of the open fellside found in this area.

Looking back up to the wooded area on Heughscar Hill.

The smaller of the the two unnamed tarns I visited on Moor Divock.

Windswept, lonely moorland where you can see for miles; just the type of place I enjoy the most.

Ullswater seen here from a surprisingly windy Arthur's Pike. I'd been pretty well sheltered from the wind on the walk so far. As I rounded the crest of the hill on Arthur's Pike however, it was a totally different matter. It took all my effort to stand upright to take this picture.

And for this picture showing the Pooley Bridge end of Ullswater I didn't even try to take the picture standing up, I simply knelt down to take it instead.

Yes you've guessed it; once I reached the fellside below Barton Fell there was hardly a breath of wind.

Little Mell Fell seen here from the path above the ford across Aik Beck.

Heading back down to Pooley Bridge along the broad track that runs between Pooley Bridge and Helton.

Even as I got usually close to this Heron it showed no signs of alarm and seemed quite happy for me to take a couple of photos.

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