20th February 2010

Black Crag


Walk Overview
Time 9.45 to 14.00
Duration 4 hr 15 min
Distance 6.6 mile
Ascent 1350 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Glen Mary Bridge - Tom Gill - Tarn Hows - Iron Keld Plantation - Black Crag - Low Arnside - low Oxen Fell - High Oxen Fell - Hodge Close - Holme Ground - Shepherd's Bridge - Glen Mary Bridge
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Tom Gill, near Coniston

This car park is found just down the road from Yew Tree Farm; one of the Lake District properties owned by Beatrix Potter. Aside from this obvious attraction, the car park is generally used as a starting point for a walk to Tarn Hows. It may be further away from Tarn Hows than its main parking spot, but it is easier to get to and the walk past Tom Gill waterfalls is well worth the effort.

This is a pay and display car park.

Should you get here at a reasonable time of day, you may be able to get a free space at Yew Tree Tarn. This is found about 5 minutes walk from the main car park. There is a narrow path linking the two together.


Route Map

We seem to be having a run of good weather at the moment and today was no exception. Even while we were walking through here in the shade it was far from cold. Once again we enjoyed a walk in blue sky and sunshine, and it wasn't until the final part of the walk that it began to cloud over.

Tom Gill waterfall. Not a very good picture I'm afraid.

Passable with care and a tree to hang onto!!
After the November 2009 floods, this is what's left of the section of path just below Tarn Hows. There was a sign at the top of the path saying it was closed, so I'm assuming there was also one at the bottom, but we must have walked straight past it with our eyes closed. Even if I'd seen the sign I think I'd still have given it a go.

Tarn Hows; frozen, deserted and as peaceful as you could wish for.


"What do you mean I'm nearly as good as some of the celebrities on Dancing on Ice. I think I'm better."

Standing at the junction with the track that runs between Oxen Fell High Cross and Knipe Fold. Before we turned right, I took this photo looking down to High Arnside Tarn.

The view across to Black Crag.

A view across to the Coniston fells.

This is the slightly lower top on Black Crag found only a short walk from the true summit. I have to say this is much more impressive than the summit.

A superb view of the eastern fells, taken from the summit trig point.

Black Crag summit in front of the Coniston fells.

Looking back up to Black Crag.

Low Arnside.

Low Oxen Fell.

Lingmoor Fell; the high point on the skyline.

High Oxen Fell.

Walking along the track between High Oxen Fell and Hodge Close.

At Hodge Close now and apparently it was time for something to eat (or so I kept getting told) , , , just a little further on and I know just the spot where we can sit down.

Lunch with a view, from the very big stone we were sitting on.

Holme Ground.

Shepherds Bridge.

Just before the end of the walk we passed Yew Tree Farm. Sadly the tea shop closed down last November.

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