21st February 2010

Not Grisedale Pike summit


Walk Overview
Time 11.10 to 14 40
Duration 3 hr 30 min
Distance 3.6 mile
Ascent 1550 ft
Walking with Jennifer, Ann, Josie, Dave and Roger
Revelin Moss Whinlatter - Sanderson Gill - Grisedale Pike north western ridge - not quite the summit - Hobcarton End ridge - forest tracks to Revelin Moss
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Revelin Moss, Whinlatter Pass

Well signposted on the main road, but still nicely tucked away among the trees. Revelin Moss can be used as an alternative starting point for a walk up Grisedale Pike or even just a walk along the forestry tracks.


Route Map

It was snowing steadily as we set out from the car park at Whinlatter. That wasn't so bad we thought, the forecast was for things to clear and we'd all walked in snow before. As we gained height however, it became obvious that things weren't clearing; quite the contrary in fact. The time was eventually reached when we called upon our collective experience to make a decision. The only sensible thing to do in this case was to miss out the summit and head back down the fell.

The bridge over Grisedale Gill.

Time to hop over the stile and head out onto the open fellside. From here the route to Grisedale Pike is easy to follow. Simply follow the fence and then the wall.

(When I say hop, I actually mean carefully clamber over without slipping off)


At this point I'm still tempted to say that we were just having 'a bit of snow', but things soon deteriorated.

Heading into the cloud.

Decision made and off we all go down the Hobcarton End ridge. In these conditions the lack of visibility is exaggerated because the snow on the ground blends in with the cloud.

This confirms we're in the right place.

Apparently Christmas only comes but once a year, , , ,

, , , here on Hobcarton End however, it lasts for the whole twelve months.

And as if by magic, the view came back, the snow stopped and it began to clear.

Looking across to Whinlatter Top.

Whinlatter forest is very popular with mountain bikers, but I'm not sure if I'd fancy it in this weather.

"of course we do this for fun, and because of the decision we made, we'll still be here to have fun on another day"

David Hall -
Lake District Walks