13th March 2010

A Dock Tarn and Watendlath round


Walk Overview
Time 08.05 to 11.05
Duration 3 hr
Distance 5.6 mile
Ascent 1616 ft
Walking with On my own
Rosthwaite - Stonethwaite Beck - Lingy End - Dock Tarn - Great Crag - Watendlath - Puddingstone Bank - Rosthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale

There are actually two car parks right next to each other in Rosthwaite. One is the official car park and this is reflected in the pay and display price. The other one is simply a number of parking spaces adjoining Rosthwaite Village Hall which has a honesty box on the wall of the building.
I know which one I'd rather give my money to.


Route Map

I was still trying shake off a cold I've had for well over a week now, so I decided to have an easy walk around an area I never fail to enjoy. As for the starting point for the walk, I can only blame the cold for what happened because I'm not normally this dozy in the mornings. I had intended to park at Stonethwaite, but it was only after I'd put £2.50 in the village hall slot, locked the car and put my bag on that I realised I was in Rosthwaite and not Stonethwaite.
I don't suppose it really mattered, I just couldn't believe what I'd done. It just meant that I did the final 20 minutes of the walk at the beginning instead of the end.


Passing by the bend in Stonethwaite Beck.

Because of my lack of attention to detail at the start of the walk, I never actually walked through Stonethwaite today, but there it is.

A rather dark looking Eagle Crag.

A view back towards Stonethwaite.

Standing at Lingy End and looking across to Eagle Crag & Sergeant's Crag.
On the left hand side of the fells is Greenup Gill and on the right, the slopes of Eagle Crag & Sergeant's Crag drop down to Langstrath; a wonderfully secluded valley just out of site from this angle.

Dock Tarn, still with a thin covering of ice, was just so peaceful this morning, and even better because I had the place to myself.

I decided to have a bit a wander about while I was on Great Crag; as the odd route on the map shows. I took this picture looking towards Great Crag from one of the rocky outcrops in the area.

I was treated to a spell of Sunshine on the route down to Watendlath.


There is a path cutting across this area, but it's not one I've ever been inclined use. The lure of Watendlath has always outweighed the desire to cut straight across to Puddingstone Bank.

Almost at Watendlath and thankfully the place was in sunshine.

Reflections in Watendlath Tarn.

Back up hill again on the route from Watendlath, but it doesn't last long at all.

Walking along Puddingstone Bank; an enjoyable section of path linking Rosthwaite and Watendlath.

Looking down to Borrowdale.

, , and again, this time much further down the route.

A view across to the Rigghead Quarries area with a snow topped Dale Head on the skyline.

Walking back into Rosthwaite along the path below the Hazel Bank Hotel.

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