4th April 2010

A circuit of Thirlmere


Walk Overview
Time 10.30 to 14.30
Duration 4 hr
Distance 9.6 mile
Walking with Jennifer
Thirlmere Dam - Armboth - Hause Point - Dob Gill - Steele End - Wythburn Church - Woods above A591 - Swirls - Shoreline path below Dalehead Hall - Thirlmere Dam
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Thirlmere Dam

I think I'm correct in saying this is the preferred parking spot for peak baggers who are intent on a quick there and back walk up Raven Crag. And while this is indeed the closest parking spot to Raven Crag, there actually considerably more routes to be had from here. To name a few, you could undertake a complete circuit of Thirlmere, head north to St John's in the Vale and High Rigg or even have a short walk onto Great How.

In or around August 2011 a pay and display machine was installed in this car park.

However, , , , if you continue a short way down the road towards the A591 you can park for free in a lay-by. The free parking spot is indicated by the higher of the two red arrows.

Route Map

As much as I enjoy lower level walks, what I don't like is having them forced upon me. And although it's been over a week since I fell in the house, heading up too high would still be a bit foolish; for this weekend at least. I could put up with limited shoulder movement, but if I did happen to slip I'd have no chance of saving myself so we set off on a long walk around Thirlmere.

Careful where you put your feet !

Looking down to the Dunmail Raise end of Thirlmere.


It's a good job the tide's out.

I thought you weren't supposed to do this here.

Steel End; more or less the half way point for the walk.


Here's someone who could do with a helping hand. Blindly running around on the road like this wasn't really the best of ideas (pun intended) so I borrowed Jennifer's glove, picked it up and placed it in the field on the other side of the wall.

Steel Fell.

Wythburn Church.

The woodland track up from the church was just about the only up hill section of the whole walk. Perhaps we should have had something to eat at the top instead of the bottom.


Thirlmere, in front of Steel Fell and Ullscarf.

Dull mornings and brighter afternoons seem to have been the order of things this weekend. That's all very well and it's nice to get some sunshine, but if we'd known it was going to be like this we could have set off later and had sunshine for the whole walk.

Browncove Crags seen from the path near Dalehead Hall.


Down by the lake shore in really warm sunshine.


You have a couple of choices here, straight along the broad track takes you around the west side of Great How towards Bridge End Farm or by turning around and following the narrow path you end up right next to the dam.

Thirlmere Dam.

One final picture, looking down the length of Thirlmere.

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