22nd May 2010

Summer has arrived on Great Borne and Starling Dodd


Walk Overview
Time 09.15 to 14.25
Duration 5 hr 10 min
Distance 7.6 mile
Ascent 2300 ft
Walking with Andrew and Anne Leaney
Bowness - Rake Beck - Herdus - Great Borne - Starling Dodd - Little Dodd - Gillerthwaite - Ennerdale Water - Bowness
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Bowness Knott, Ennerdale Water

Difficult to reach, well perhaps it is a little, but Bowness Knott is in effect the gateway to the wonderfully remote Ennerdale Valley and therefore well worth the effort required to get here. The valley beyond the car park stretches for over six fantastic traffic free miles.

Parking is free and the car park always has plenty of empty spaces available.


Route Map

Well, after weeks of moaning about it we finally got the warmer weather everyone had been longing for. I'm not complaining when I say this, but the problem we have in this country is that we're just not used to the heat, so when it initially comes along each summer, it really is a shock to the system and exertion like this feels much harder than it normally does.

Hazy conditions meant that the long distance views weren't clear at all today. This was somewhat made up for by the scenery at closer quarters which was nicely brightened up by the sunshine.

Looking in the same direction as the previous picture showing Crag Fell, Ennerdale Water and Bowness Knott.

A view back down the very steep fellside by Raise Beck.

Rather than head straight up to Great Borne, we took a short de-tour across to Herdus.

Standing at the rocky summit of Great Borne.
I think I'm right in saying the light blue line across the picture is the top of the haze.

I seem to remember a sign being on this fence at one time, and if memory serves me, I'm sure it said the fence was put up to allow this large area of fellside to grow naturally; without interference from man or beast.
I can't see any difference between this side and that side, but I'm sure the experts can when they turn up to have a look.

In the shade on Starling Dodd.

Lunch with a view across to, Mellbreak, Grasmoor, Crag Hill, Wandope, Ard Crags, Whiteless Pike, Rannerdale Knotts and a few others among the haze.

A view back to Great Borne.

Starling Dodd seen from Little Dodd.

"it's taken me ages to jump all the way up here, so just be careful where you put your feet"

Heading back down to Ennerdale and getting warmer by the minute.

Red Pike, taken from the fellside above Gillerthwaite.

Irish Bridge, across a very dry River Liza.

Crag Fell on the opposite side of Ennerdale Water.

A view back along Ennerdale Water to Pillar and Steeple.

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