2nd June 2010

An evening on Grike and Crag Fell


Walk Overview
Time 15.45 to 18.30
Duration 2 hr 45 min
Distance 5.8 mile
Ascent 1200 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Cold Fell Road - Blakeley Moss - Grike - Crag Fell - Forest track back to Blakeley Moss - Cold Fell Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Cold Fell (Blakeley Moss)

Stretching six miles between Calder Bridge and Ennerdale Bridge, Cold Fell acts as a convenient shortcut across the western most section of the Lake District. There are lots of possible parking places across the Ennerdale half of the route; each one offering its own access onto the fantastically remote fells across this edge of the Lakes.


Route Map

It took a while for the low cloud and mist to move away from the coast and out to sea, but once it did, it turned into a lovely hot afternoon in this area of the Lakes.

Walking across here was peace itself, and you would hardly believe the awful things which had took place, literally around the corner from our house, earlier in the day. I'm sure everyone has seen the reports on the news and the internet, but to realise that it could easily have been us, had we been doing something slightly different at the time, really did send a shiver down our spines.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to all those people in our community who have had their lives ruined by the events in West Cumbria today.

Looking over an area of recently fells trees to Blake Fell.



How did you get that far ahead?

Grike Summit.

And again.

Walking across the normally wet ground between Grike and Crag Fell. Although, with the recent lack of rain it was bone dry today.

"You don't have to smile for the camera, I'm taking a picture of Blake Fell not you two"

A view down to Ennerdale from Crag Fell summit.

and also across to Bowness Knott and Great Borne.

A close up of Bowness farm.

Pillar and Steeple.

This time not as a close up.




I'm assuming this digger is clearing a roadway through the trees in preparation for the tree felling vehicles to move into this area.

, , and there goes one of them now.

This lovely walk on the fells near home really did feel like we were celebrating just being alive and able to enjoy what we both love doing.

David Hall -
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