7th June 2010

An evening walk on Blake Fell


Walk Overview
Time 17.05 to 19.10
Duration 2 hr 5 min
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1600 ft
Walking with On my own
Felldyke - Cogra Moss - Low Pen - High Pen - Blake Fell - (near sharp Knott) - Forest track back to Cogra Moss - Felldyke
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Felldyke, Lamplugh

Found on the quieter western edge of the Lake District, there never seems to be problem getting parked here. Perhaps this is a result of the limited number of fells that can be reached from here. Having said that, the walks that can be done from here are fantastic.

Parking is free.


Route Map

When I left home this evening there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was getting hotter and I thought I might be in for a couple of hours walk in the sun; unfortunately it wasn't to last for the whole walk. There was a good deal of cloud over the fells and slowly but surely cloud was moving across from the coast. About half way through the walk the two areas of cloud met, the blue sky disappeared and I was left wishing I could have set off earlier.

Blake Fell comes into view, never mind that, just look at the clouds above it.

Following the track to Cogra Moss.


Cogra Moss and Blake Fell.


Looking across to the Cumbrian coast and up to a now cloudy sky from Low Pen.

Blake Fell seen from Low Pen.

Starling Dodd, Pillar and Great Borne.

I knew rain wasn't forecast at all, but given my lack of confidence in weather forecasts and the colour of the sky, I thought it best to offer up a quick "please don't don't let it rain until I get back to the car" request. Normally I wouldn't be too bothered about getting caught in a shower, but when I get out and do short walks like this I generally don't carry anything with me except the camera and a bottle of water, so the last thing I wanted was to end up soaked to the skin.

Gavel Fell.


Blake Fell summit.

Burnbank Fell, taken from the steep path leading from Blake Fell into the woods.

Knock Murton.

Low Pen above Cogra Moss.

A small selection of a much larger gaggle of Geese.

When I grow up I want to be, , , , just like my dad.

A view across the dam end of the tarn.

And from the same place, looking towards Blake Fell.

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