19th June 2010

Jackets in June - Knott Rigg to Rannerdale Knotts


Walk Overview
Time 09.10 to 15.15
Duration 6 hr 5 min
Distance 8.6 mile
Ascent 3400 ft
Walking with Richard Ratcliffe
Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Sail - The Scar - Crag Hill - Wandope - Wandope Moss - Grasmoor - Wandope Moss - Whiteless Edge - Whiteless Pike - Low Bank - Rannerdale Knotts - near Rannerdale Farm
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Rannerdale Farm

Just one of a series of small car parks along this section of road . This one offering the quickest access to Rannerdale Knotts and the small valley of Rannerdale, which during the latter part of spring has one of the best displays of blue bells you'll find anywhere.

Parking is free.


Route Map

Crummock Water in front of Low Fell and Fellbarrow.
With the luxury of two cars we were able to devise an unusual route today. Setting off from the top of Newlands Pass and ending up here; at the bottom of Rannerdle Knotts. I suppose the whole route could have been done on foot, and although it would be possible, it would be far from practical. So, we left one car here and drove up Newlands Pass to begin the walk.

Newlands Hause, taken from the route up to Knott Rigg.

It turned out to be much windier than we'd expected it to be today. Even at lower level it was quite strong, but the strength of the wind wasn't the issue, it was the temperature. Coming from a northerly direction the wind left me feeling hard done to because I needed to wear a jacket in the middle of June.

Looking down to the Newlands Valley side of Newlands Pass.

A view back along the ridge showed just how clear the air was today. On more than one occasion we spent time picking out the smaller details on the distant fells; things you can't normally see from so far away.

Looking a little further round to the right we could see the ridge we'd walk along later in the walk. Here you can see Whiteless Pike, Wandope and Crag Hill.

I took this picture from the route we used to link the Ard Crags ridge and the ridge between Scar Crags and Sail. As far as I'm aware this little area doesn't have a name, even though it is the highest point on a well marked and well used route linking Buttermere and Newlands Valley.

The well worn path leading to Sail.

Sail Summit.

Looking up The Scar towards Crag Hill.
It is steep, but it looks more difficult than it actually is.

And looking back down.

The view from Crag Hill showing Coledale, Outerside, Barrow, Causey Pike, Scar Crags, Clough Head, Great Mell Fell and the northern fells.

Crag Hill summit in front of Grasmoor.


A close up of Newlands Hause. Notice the lack of water in Moss Force.

Heading across to Grasmoor.

A close up of Rannerdale Knotts and Crummock Water.

It was somewhere along here that I realised I'd forgotten to take any pictures at the top of Grasmoor. I must have been more interested in the food.

Looking back up the top section of the route from Wandope Moss to Whiteless Pike.

A Close up of Causey Pike and Ard Crags.

Crummock Water and Loweswater.

And not so close, , ,

Our final 'up' of the day was the nice gentle path to Rannerdale Knotts where I'm pleased to say it was much warmer and less windy than it had been on the tops.


Rannerdale Knotts summit.

And again, this time in front of Whiteless Pike.


This picture helps to show just how steep this end of Rannerdale Knotts is. It may be one of the smaller fells in the Lake District, but it certainly makes you work for your money.

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