20th June 2010

Ullscarf and Wythburn Head


Walk Overview
Time 07.00 to 12.15
Duration 5 hr 15 min
Distance 8.3 mile
Ascent 2240 ft
Walking with On my own
Dob Gill - Harrop Tarn - Birk Crag - Ullscarf Gill - Ullscarf - Greenup Edge - Middle How - Wythburn Head - Wythburn - Dob Gill
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Dobgill, Thirlmere

In stark contrast to the eastern side of Thirlmere this is a wonderfully quiet area with a succession of car parks along the road between Wythburn and Thirlmere dam.

Dobgill car park is free, has ample parking, public toilets and a convenient route up to the central ridge via Harrop Tarn.


Route Map

Early morning in the woods between Dob Gill and Harrop Tarn.
Being alone doesn't usually faze me at all, but I have to admit it was more than a little bit eerie walking up here this morning and I was pleased to get out of the woods and into the open.

This is a bit brighter, and a little less unnerving.

Harrop Tarn in front of Tarn Crags.

Wythburn, seen from Birk Crag.

Given that we're still experiencing (enjoying) a prolonged dry spell, I thought I'd head for an area which under normal conditions has a reputation for being wet, boggy, muddy and quite hard work. Instead of taking one of the normal routes however, I headed right off path and picked out a route that followed Ullscarf Gill and one of its tributaries.
It was dry enough and easy enough today, but the ground along this particular route up to Ullscarf hinted at it being somewhere to avoid in winter or after long periods of rain.

Ullscarf Gill.
Had there been a normal amount of water about, I suspect I'd have needed to turn back here and seek out a more predictable route.

I know they're only clouds, but even they can be described as very nice.

Peace, quiet, and seclusion, with only me and my thoughts for company.



A close up of Honister Mines, Fleetwith Pike, High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike.

And a close up of Green Gable and Great Gable.

Ullscarf summit.

Heading down from Ullscarf to Greenup Edge.

One of the Greenup Edge Tarns.

Wythburn Head. Another area prone to be very wet, but thankfully not today.


The Bog.
If you can't think of an imaginative name for a place I suppose you might as well get straight to the point and call it what it is.


Wythburn Head Tarns are very similar in appearance to Launchy Tarn, found a little further north near Armboth Fell. Both tarns are very attractive in their own way, found in wonderfully quiet places, but are actually little more than slightly wider, slower moving section of a beck.



Leaving the hanging valley of Wythburn Head behind me, the route suddenly becomes much steeper as it drops down to Wythburn.

Looking down to Wythburn..


It seems to have been a good day for strange clouds as I spotted these ones above Nab Crags.

Walking through the fields at Wythburn to reach the road.

It was red hot along here; a real summers afternoon. Unfortunately the car was parked at Dob Gill which is only about 3/4 mile from Wythburn.

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