23rd June 2010

Pictures from a birthday afternoon out

Walk Overview
Time All afternoon
Walking with Jennifer and Mam
A look around Pooley Bridge and a short walk in Martindale
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Martindale new church

There are plenty of parking spaces next to Martindale's new church and what a fantastic area this is. Found on what I'd call the back side of Ullswater this is as close as you're going to get to unspoilt.

The sheer quantity of walks that can be done from here would rival any other area in the Lake District, it may take a little more imagination and inventiveness than some places, but there really is something to suit everyone.

Parking is free.



I think there was a slight confusion with the way things are meant to work today. It was my birthday, but instead of someone taking me out for the day, it was me who suggested taking my mother out for the afternoon. Never mind, a good day was had by all, I didn't pay for the tea and cake in Pooley Bridge and I did get an extra present bought for me in one of the shops.




After leaving Pooley Bridge we drove around the east side of Ullswater and had a short walk into Martindale from the new church next to Hallin Fell.

Well I don't believe it. The country is in the middle of it's driest spell for decades and we head into an area where it started to rain !!! As seen as though walking back quickly if we'd needed to was not an option, we didn't venture much further than the old church.

Winter Crag farm.

and Christy Bridge, found right next to the farm.

A close up of The Nab.

Inside the old church at Martindale.




Hallin Fell taken as we head back to the car.

Across the fields and between the gap you can see Gowbarrow Fell.


Then, just before we got back, the sun decided to come back out.
And what of the extra birthday present you've been wondering about? Was it a new sports car, a speed boat or an expensive work of art, , , well not quite, it was two jars of whole grain mustard.

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