27th June 2010

Great Calva and Knott from the Mosedale road


Walk Overview
Time 10.00 to 15.05
Duration 5 hr 5 min
Distance 9.2 mile
Ascent 2100 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Mosedale Road - Cumbria Way to Skiddaw House - Great Calva - Knott - Miller Moss - Grainsbeck Gill - Mosedale Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, end of the Mosedale road

The short distance between the end of the road and the car park itself is extremely rough and upon reflection the better option would be to park a little further back along the road. Wherever you decide to park in the area, you'll have access to some nice quiet fells where you might be lucky and have the place to yourself.


Route Map

As we set out alongside the River Caldew we could tell it was going to be a real sun tan day today, with a strong wind and a decent share of sunshine. One of the best things about this area however, is just how quiet it is.

Coomb Height towering above Grainsgill Beck.

The Mosedale road gives way to this good track and as easy going as it is, this doesn't last too long at all, before you know it you're walking along more of a normal path for these places.

On the trail of the lone pine tree; or so the song says.

Passing by one of the many sheepfolds found in this area.


A long distance view back.

and a view towards Skiddaw House.


A short walk along this track from Skiddaw House and we turned off to the right and headed up Great Calva; the dark fell on the right.

All Jennifer could say was, "It's your own fault you're getting scratched so much. You must have known what it was like so why didn't you wear long trousers?" I couldn't argue with that, but at least the wind was keeping the insects at bay.

Out of the heather now and making good progress up Great Calva.

Heading across to the summit cairn.

Great Calva summit in front of Knott.

Thankfully this area was bone dry today. I'm sure anyone who has walked here during the wettest of conditions would have appreciated for our easy walk through here today.

"The next point on today's walk was Knott"
"Knott what?"
"No, just Knott, not knott what" "never mind all that what knotting, just follow Jennifer and she'll take you to the top"

Looking across to Great Calva and behind that, the Skiddaw Fells.

A view across to Bassenthwaite Lake.

Knott summit in front of High Pike and Carrock Fell.

You will need good eyes, but if you look carefully enough you can pick out Lingy Hut.

Heading back down to Mosedale.

And almost down to the valley.

Remains of old mine workings, seen on the opposite side of the beck.


Back at the River Caldew.

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