3rd July 2010

A circuit of Ullswater


Walk Overview
Time 05.00 to 12.45
Duration 7 hr 45 min
Distance 19.7 mile
Ascent 2000 ft
Walking with On my own
Pooley Bridge - Watermillock - Glencoyne Bridge - Glenridding - Patterdale - Side Farm - Silver Bay - Sandwick - Martindale new Church - Howtown - Mellguards - Below Barton Fell - Roehead - Pooley Bridge
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Pooley Bridge

This is just one of a couple of large car parks found in Pooley Bridge, and for those simply wanting to look around the village, it couldn't be more convenient. For those wanting a much longer walk onto the Heughscar Hill / Arthur's Pike area it may not be quite as convenient, but it still offers a very pleasant walk from the village to the fells.

Needless to say there is a charge for the privilege of using this car park.


Route Map

Today's walk around Ullswater is something I've wanted to do for a few years now, but I've just kept putting it off because of the 7 mile walk along the main road at the start. It isn't actually walking along a road that put me off; that's something I really don't mine at all, it was the prospect of dodging 7 miles worth of speeding cars.
The obvious solution was to have a really early start and beat the traffic onto the road. To do that, I'm then limited to the middle of summer when it's light enough to set off at this time of morning. I can't remember why I didn't do this last summer. Perhaps it was too hot or too wet or something, but at least I'm here now.


The first boat to Glenridding leaves the landing stages at Pooley Bridge at 09.45. I was only 4hr 45mins early.


There are quite a lot of these privately owned landing stages around the lake, most of which you're unable to get a decent look at. This one is found just outside Pooley Bridge and I was able to step down from the road to get this photo.

By 5.45 the sun was well up and the light was just gorgeous. It was simply peace itself along here, and such a pity I couldn't dawdle about because was trying to make good time along the road. I was even treated to a good show of wildlife. There were the dozens of Rabbits you'd expect to see anyway, but I also saw half a dozen Deer, two Foxes chasing each other around one of the fields and I was watched for a short time by an Owl.

Taking a picture of me, taking a picture of myself.



Looking across to the opposite side of Ullswater.

Hallin Fell.

Place Fell; including Sleet Fell, High Dodd and Birk Fell.


The Yew Crag / Green Hill area of Gowbarrow Fell.

A view down to the Glencoyne, Glenridding Dodd section of the lake.


Have I really walked all that way?

A close up of Glencoyne farm.

Walking through the woods near Stybarrow Crag.

Looking back along the lake to Gowbarrow Fell.

8am in a very quiet Glenridding.

Patterdale Church; temporarily closed for roof repairs.

Arnison Crag and Birks, seen from the track next to Side Farm. Perhaps not in exact distance, but certainly in my head, this was more or less the half way point of the walk.

The southern end of Ullswater.

Following the track which leads to Sandwick.



10am in Sandwick.
I was really surprised at how quickly I was managing to knock off the miles today. It's not because I was rushing at all, because I wasn't. I suppose it is quite an easy route with only a few up and down bits, and despite the sunshine, it wasn't hot enough to be overly tiring.


This is the old Martindale Vicarage below Cat Crag on the side of Sleet Fell.


Howegrain Beck bridge.

Martindale new church in front of Hallin Fell.

Time for an early lunch on the seat next to The Combs.

And looking back up The Combs.

A view into Fusedale.

Steel End, seen from the lovely little clapper bridge near Mellguards.

And Mellguards itself.
Walk to the gate, turn right, follow the track past the left hand side of the house and , , , ,

, , , , onto this track.
this picture looking back shows Steel Knotts, and The Combs; the lower sloping ground on the right.

Ullswater's middle reach, with Hallin Fell on the left and Gowbarrow Fell on the right.

Looking ahead to the Pooley Bridge end of the lake.

One of the Ullswater Steamers heading towards Pooley Bridge.


A view straight over the lake to Little Mell Fell (in the sun) and the northern fells in the distance.

I took this picture of Heughscar Hill and the distant Pennines from the highest point on the walk; just over 1,000ft asl.

On the final section of the walk now and heading down to Roehead and then Pooley Bridge.

Arthur's Pike, taken from the point where I joined up with the main Pooley Bridge to Moor Divock route.

Almost back at Pooley Bridge now and I think I can be forgiven for feeling more than a little bit pleased with myself today.

David Hall -
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