26th September 2010

Sticks Pass, the Dodds and Clough Head


Walk Overview
Time 09.45 to 16.45
Duration 7 hr
Distance 8.3 mile
Ascent 2800 ft
Walking with Jill & Nigel Batchelor
Legburthwaite - Sticks Pass - Stybarrow Dodd - Watson's Dodd - Great Dodd - Calfhow Pike - Clough Head - Old Coach Road (Hausewell Brow) - Wanthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Stanah (St John's in the Vale)

This small car park fills up very quickly indeed. It generally overspills onto the area near the A591 junction, but even the spaces along here have a tendency to be taken before mid morning.

Found at the bottom of Sticks Pass, the car park is a good place to begin an ascent of the Dodds or even a nice alternative to the Helvellyn Ridge.


Route Map

"Don't all look at once, but there's a guy taking our photograph"

Weather wise it looked quite promising at this stage, and we were expecting a nice clear walk across the Dodds. Unfortunately the forecast was fairly accurate and the sunshine wasn't to last. Never mind, it was nice now and we enjoyed it while we could.

From the same place as the previous picture I took this one looking round to Thirlmere and the central fells.


High up on Sticks Pass now and looking across to an ever darkening Lake District.

Sticks Pass summit, looking towards Raise.
The path on the left takes you down towards Glenridding.
The path on the right is the one we'd just walked up.
The path behind me is the one we followed up to Stybarrow Dodd.

On a cloudy route between Stybarrow Dodd and Watson's Dodd.

A brief gap in the clouds on Watson's Dodd gave us this view of, , , , High Rigg, Bassenthwaite Lake, Dodd and the Lord's Seat fells.

And the summit itself.

This is a bit better as we finally drop below the cloud on the path off Great Dodd.
The rocky lump ahead of us is Calfhow Pike, just about the only place on this ridge where you've got any chance of shelter. Yes, I know there's a shelter at the top of Great Dodd, but I wasn't counting man made structures.

Calfhow Pike and time for something to eat.

A view back to Great Dodd shows that the cloud wasn't actually that far down the fells. It was enough to take away the views, but once we started to loose height, it didn't take us long to get back to normality.

A close up of Tewet Tarn.

Clough Head summit in front of an unwelcome bank of cloud. This was the first time Jill and Nigel had been along here and much to the disappointment to Jill, the one view she really wanted to see more than any other wasn't there.

Jill's view of the day.
Even though we were only up here for about ten minutes, it's still too difficult to describe how quickly and unexpectedly the cloud disappeared. We'd given up hope of a view and were just about to set off, when we looked round, we had the surprise of the walk when we saw this.


That looks like great fun, , , , however, the ground gets just a bit too far away for my liking.

The Old Coach Road just seems to go on and on, through this huge area of bleakness. We joined it near enough a third of the way from Wanthwaite and it continues right along the bottom of the ridge you see in the distance, round the far end and even then you're not finished.

Walking along the Old Coach Road towards the base of Threlkeld Knotts.

Clough Fold.

You might want to avoid this sign if you have trouble making your mind up about things !!

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