14th November 2010

Around the Skiddaw fells


Walk Overview
Time 08.40 to 13.40
Duration 6 hr
Distance 14.2 mile
Ascent 2500 ft
Walking with On my own
Near Ravenstone Hotel - Watches - Southerndale - Barkbethdale - edge of Cockup - Dash Falls - Skiddaw House - Lonscale Crags - Whit Beck - Gale Road - Applethwaite - Millbeck - Dancing Gate - Dodd Wood - old Plantation - near Ravenstone Hotel
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside spaces, Ravenstone Hotel, Bassenthwaite

There are a few different parking areas along the road between the main car park at Dodd Wood and the Ravenstone Hotel so I have grouped them all together into one.

An obvious circular walk in this area is an ascent of Carl Side via the Ullock Pike ridge and then descending back to the valley by way of Dodd. Should this be your choice of walk then the starting point along this section of road is irrelevant.


Route Map

A lot of people might ask "why" when they see this strange route and to be honest, I don't really have anyother reason than "it seemed manageable and a bit out of the ordinary, so I did it". What I couldn't decide was whether to do the walk on a nice day or keep it for a dull day when the cloud was well down. Needless to say, I ended up opting for the cloudy day and this was certainly one of those.

Looking down to Bassenthwaite and the Lord's Seat fells under cloud.
Not the best day for photographs !!

Bassenthwaite (village) and Binsey.

Southerndale Beck.

I thought this bit across Barkbethdale was going to be wet, and I really wish I'd been wrong. It was somewhere around the half way point that I started to wish I'd had the sense to walk around in the first place. I suppose this says a lot about human nature. I set out knowing I'd be walking over 14 miles, yet the couple of hundred yards needed to avoid this really did feel like too much.

Looking back.
The darker fell under cloud is Ullock Pike.


This is the point where I joined the main path to Skiddaw House. It also meant that the hard work was over. There was still a long way to go, but at least it was easy going from now on.
Dash Farm can be seen up on the right.

Heading towards Dash Falls.

The view from the top of the waterfalls looking towards Binsey, which is now free from cloud.

I just love this area, but even I have to admit it was a bit grim across here today. As you can see, I did have the place to myself though. In fact I didn't pass any other people from setting off, until I was on the other side of Skiddaw House.

I guess I'll have to walk around.

Looking back.
The route to Skiddaw House comes around from the lowest point you can see on the skyline.

Skiddaw House seen from the bridge over Salehow Beck.

Dramatic Lakeland.

Heading along the path to Lonscale Crags.


Sunshine on the side of the fell near Tewet Tarn.

Walking around the southwest side of Lonscale Fell and the view opens up to show Derwent Water and the central fells.
The light coloured speck on the right of the picture is Thirlmere. Notice just how much higher (altitude not amount of water) it is than Derwent Water.

Whit Beck.

And again, looking in the opposite direction towards Clough Head.

I was long overdue for something to eat by now so the seat at the bottom of Gale Road seemed the ideal spot to sit for ten minutes.

Sunshine on Latrigg.

Well, this was all the sunshine I had today; about 20 seconds worth.


Dodd Wood.

Bassenthwaite Lake and Barf, taken from the Ospray viewpoint in Dodd Wood.

Skill Beck, taken just upstream from the Old Sawmill Tearooms, , , I didn't stop at the tearooms!

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