19th November 2010

A couple of new views on a walk to Crag Fell and Grike


Walk Overview
Time 13.10 to 15.10
Duration 2 hr
Distance 5.4 mile
Ascent 1200 ft
Walking with On my own
Cold Fell Road - Blakeley Moss - Crag Fell - Grike - Kinney How - Blakeley Rise - Cold Fell Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Cold Fell (Blakeley Moss)

Stretching six miles between Calder Bridge and Ennerdale Bridge, Cold Fell acts as a convenient shortcut across the western most section of the Lake District. There are lots of possible parking places across the Ennerdale half of the route; each one offering its own access onto the fantastically remote fells across this edge of the Lakes.


Route Map

The weather seems to be playing a few tricks recently. One day it's bucketing down and blowing a gale, then a perfect day like this turns up. I'm tempted to say I'd like a little consistency, but it may end up being consistency wet so I'll just settle for what we've got. And with things being the way they are, I'll just have to keep trying to take advantage as and when the sun puts in an appearance even if I only have time for a quick walk onto Crag Fell and Grike like I had today.

Recent tree felling operations have really opened up this area to show this new view across to Lank Rigg.

Well, all this wood should keep the toothpick factory in production for a long time.

Looking round a the other way, there's also a new view down to the River Calder and the west coast.

Crag Fell ahead of me.


I've heard it said, half jokingly I should add, that we get so much rain here that true Cumbrians are born with webbed feet. Well I'm definitely a Cumbrian born and bred, but regrettably I seem to have missed out on the webbed feet part of it. A pity really, I could have really done with them today because it was sodden across here. Hardly surprising given the amount of rain we had yesterday. For a short time it was like a river running down the hill we live on.

A picture of me on Crag Fell summit.
The Loweswater fells are in the background. The highest point being Blake Fell.

Great Borne, Starling Dodd, Red Pike and High Stile, seen from Crag Fell.

Still at the summit and looking down to Ennerdale and its surrounding fells. To name a couple, Red Pike and High Stile on the left hand side Pillar and Steeple on the right.

Doubling back along the route for a little way, I head over to Grike.

Looking back to Crag Fell.
The fells in the distance are Pillar, Scoat Fell and Steeple.

Another picture of me, this one taken on Grike summit.

Along the fence to Knock Murton.

From the same spot looking down to Heckbarley and the coast.

Staying in the sunshine not only seemed like a good idea, but was very easy to achieve by heading up to Blakeley Rise instead of continuing along the forest track.

Given that I was walking in perfect visibility, the off path walk down from Blakeley Rise is simplicity itself, it's just a case of heading towards the road that runs along the western side of the fell.

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