21st November 2010

Red Tarn, Birkhouse Moor and Lanty's Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 09.10 to 13.10
Duration 4 hr
Distance 8.7 mile
Ascent 2100 ft
Walking with On my own
Glenridding - Greenside Road - Glenridding Beck - Redtarn Beck - Red Tarn - Birkhouse Moor - Lanty's Tarn - Glenamara Park - Patterdale - Patterdale church - Glenridding
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Glenridding

Found in the centre of Glenridding, this car park fills up very quickly indeed. Not just because of the amount of walkers heading onto the Helvellyn fells, but with people just wanting to have a walk around the village. Arriving after mid morning during the summer months would be a bit of a hit and miss situation as far as getting a space goes.

To state the obvious; there is a charge for parking here.


Route Map

Birkhouse Moor above Glenridding.

There wasn't the best forecast today, and certainly for this area it was just about correct with lowering cloud and rain later on. I think if I'd stuck to the western side of the Lakes I'd have had it a little better than I did, although on this occasion I can't blame the weather for shortening the walk, it was my own stupidity.
More about this later!

Looking along Greenside Road towards Greenside Mines.

Swart Beck.


Glenridding Beck and a snowy Catstye Cam.

Looking back towards Sheffield Pike from the Red Tarn Beck path.

And before I had time to say "what a nice view", the cloud was down and there wasn't one.

An eerie silence at Red Tarn.
Obviously I'd rather the sun had been shining and there had been a clear view, but I do actually enjoy these conditions. It's difficult to explain, but the snow and the cloud blending in together, and the total silence make you feel as though you're walking in your own very small world.

Leaving Red Tarn now and heading across to Birkhouse Moor.
The people ahead of me on the path were the first I'd seen since leaving Glenridding.

Birkhouse Moor summit.

Dropping below the cloud now and looking down to Ullswater.

It wasn't much to write home about, but it was snowing when I took this picture.


Lanty's Tarn.
By the time I got here the snow had definitely turned to rain and it was starting to get heavier; just as it was forecast to do. So, while still intending to complete the walk in the rain, I decided to put on some waterproof trousers. The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the bag was how clean they looked. This was quickly followed by the realisation that I'd picked up Jennifer's new clean ones instead of my old dirty ones. Never mind I thought, as long as I can get into them I'm not bothered who they belong to. Well, I did actually manage to get them on (just) but walking in them was just a bit too uncomfortable, if you know what I mean!

The question was, did I still want to do my loop of Grisedale and run the risk of getting soaked or should I cut the walk short. Getting a soaking didn't really appeal so I settled for a walk into Patterdale and then round to Glenridding. As it turned out this was the right decision, by the time I got to Glenridding it was bucketing down.

Looking into Grisedale. Unfortunately I wouldn't be heading that way today.

Ullswater, taken from the path leading around to Patterdale.

I took this picture looking across to the Thornhow End ridge on Birks as I walked past Patterdale Church.

It looks like the tide is out !

Glenridding pier in front of Place Fell. The cloud is getting lower and lower.

It was chucking it down now, so it was time to stop messing about and get back to the car.

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