1st January 2011

A circuit of Ennerdale Water

Walk Overview
Time 11.15 to 14.30
Duration 3 hr 15 min
Distance 7.2 mile
Ascent 640 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Bleach Green Cottages - Anglers Crag - Shoreline Path - River Liza - Road to Bowness Knott car park - Shoreline path back to Bleach Green cottages
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Bleach Green, Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale Water has a reputation for being an out of the way place and is arguably the most difficult of all the lakes to reach. Well, not so if you live on this side of the Lake District. For me, the lake and its surrounding fells are actually the closest to home. The upshot of its reputation is place where you ( or me ) can usually walk without meeting the crowds found in some other areas of the Lake District.

Unless there happened to be some sort of special event on, I'd go as far as to say this is some where you're guaranteed to get a parking space, and it's free.


Route Map

It seems no time at all since we walked on Wansfell on January 1st last year, and here it is already, , , New Years day 2011. Hopefully this year will be as good for walking as 2010 was.

I'm just not into setting challenges or anything like that, but there are two things I'd like to do at some point this year. One is to walk a complete circuit of Bassenthwaite Lake and the other is a circuit of Coniston Water. Yes, I know that's pretty feeble as far as ambitions go, but I'll just be content, and unbelievably thankful if I can continue to walk in the Lake District as often as I do now.

Heading alongside Ennerdale water towards Anglers Crag. We didn't go up Anglers Crag, but at this stage we were definitely walking towards it.


Looking across the lake to Knock Murton.

This is the only part of this walk with what you might describe as a climb. I only last a couple of minutes, but it does gain you enough height to give a good view down (and up) the lake.

A view down Ennerdale Water, taken from the highest point on the walk; below Anglers Crag.

"Hang on a second, didn't Jennifer have blue coat on before"
"She still does, , , , only now my red one is on top of it. It was cold in the wind."

A waters edge view back to Anglers Crag.

Bowness Knott in front of Great Borne.

Pillar, seen from the track near Irish Bridge.

Crossing Irish Bridge at more or less the half way point of the walk.

A long distance view of Pillar and Steeple.

Bowness Farm.


Great Borne and Bowness Knott.

Looking down the lake to see Pillar, Steeple and Haycock.

Almost back at the car now and the place was packed. No doubt lots of people felt the need to walk off some of the excesses of the previous week.

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