5th February 2011

This proves my waterproofs are still working


Walk Overview
Time 13.30 to 15.40
Duration 2 hr 10 min
Distance 4.7 mile
Ascent 400 ft
Walking with On my own
Newlands Valley road - Rowling End Farm - Rigg Beck - Newlands Church - Lottle town - below Cat Bells - Skelgill Farm - Stair - Newlands Valley Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Newlands Valley

Newlands is my favourite of all the Lakeland valleys and this car park offers easy access to the very heart of the place. For those with a preference for higher places, Causey Pike and Barrow are both within easy reach of the car park.

Parking is free.


Route Map

There was a weather warning on TV last night for wet and wild weather today. As it turned out, only one of these arrived, and to be honest, I'm not sure if it was the best one or not. So, after a couple of extra hours in bed and a morning in the house, I set off in pouring rain and hardly any wind for a short walk through Newlands Valley.

Looking down to Stair. I'll be walking through there later.

Time to get out of the way I think.

Rigg Beck was in fine fettle as I passed today. I took this picture looking upstream with Causey Pike on the skyline.

And now looking downstream.

This is the much talked about new house at Rigg Beck. And I have to admit it doesn't look quite as out of place as I thought it was going to when they first started to build it. Having said that, if I'd have bought the land and could have built a house here, it would not look like this. I prefer things a bit more, , , I won't say traditional; I'll say old fashioned instead.

Following the road from Rigg Beck to Newlands church. The two fells are Hindscarth (left) and Robinson (right).


Newlands Church. I think it's time for ten minutes out of the rain, and also to wipe the water off the camera lens.

Inside the church.




Once I got indoors and the patter of the rain on my hood had at last stopped, and the rain on my face had been wiped onto a now soggy shirt sleeve, it didn't take long to put out of my mind that it was emptying down outside. And for the ten minutes or so I was here, the silence and calm inside the church really was peace itself. Sadly it was all to brief and I was soon standing in the porch with the thought that "it's no good just looking, you need to get out there and start walking back to the car."

I was slightly higher up the fellside when I took this picture looking across the valley to Birkrigg, Rigg Beck and of course Causey Pike.

As I crossed Yewthwait Gill, I couldn't help but think that the guy who built this bridge must have left his spirit level at home that day.


As the rain got heavier the view ahead of me was fast disappearing.

No, I haven't decided to walk down the middle of a stream, this is the path

A view back towards the head of Newlands Valley.

Well, it had rained from start to finish today; slowly and steadily getting heavier as the walk had progressed, and definitely testing my waterproofs to the full. Here, as I left the tiny hamlet of Stair, I noticed the sheep were even standing with their backs to the rain; dripping wet, silent, and wearing what was probably their usual expression on their faces, only today, it seemed to hint they'd had quite enough rain for one day. Perhaps they were thinking the same as me; that although it isn't exactly around the corner, Spring is not too far down the road.

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