7th April 2011

Binsey instead of Buckbarrow


Walk Overview
Time 17.25 to 18.30
Duration 1 hr 5 min
Distance 2.7 mile
Ascent 700 ft
Walking with On my own
near Binsey Cottage - Binsey - West Crag - above the intake wall - near Binsey Cottge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Binsey Cottage

There isn't much room along here I'm afraid; four cars if you're lucky. Then again, and quite wrongly in my opinion, Binsey has a reputation of being an "also visited" fell, so the chances are that you'll still get a parking space.


Route Map

What a gorgeous evening it was turning into; it's been a while since I've seen the fells as clear as this. And as much I enjoy a short walk on Binsey, I think my original walk would have been much better today, , , that wasn't to be however. I escaped from work early, drove into Wasdale for a walk on Buckbarrow and Seatallan and when I opened the car boot I realised I'd left my boots at home. "O what a shame" I said out loud. OK that wasn't exactly what I said but I'm sure you get the idea.

After a few minutes of trying to think of an alternative I finally settled on the inevitable and ended up having to drive back to work to pick up the laptop, driveing home to get changed and then deciding where to walk instead.
It's a good job petrol is so cheap they're almost giving it away, , , , Mmmmmm!!


I see that someone has opted for the easy way up the fell.

A close up of Uldale.

Just across from the summit you reach this cairn and viewpoint looking towards the Uldale fells.

Binsey summit with Ireby on its left and Uldale in the right.

The top of Binsey.

The rocky section below West Crag make for what could be described as a dramatic aforeground in a picture of Bassenthwaite and the north western fells.

Traversing around Binsey like this is like walking around the edge of a big cone where you can almost but not quite see what's around the next bit. You may not get the sudden surprise views, but on an evening like this, watching a familiar view gradually increasing in size was just magical.



I heard the noise but it took a few seconds to see where it was coming from. Then I spotted this plane flying slowly down the length of Bassenthwaite Lake before turning to fly between myself and the northern fells.
The fell just in front of the plane is Cat Bells.

Further round now and flying in front of Barkbethdale.



A view across the countryside to Bassenthwaite Lake and the north western fells.


Mothers and toddlers group.


And if you're not sick of looking at pictures of the Skiddaw fells, here's one I took just before getting back to the car.

David Hall -
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