16th April 2011

Birkhouse Moor and Catstye Cam


Walk Overview
Time 10.30 to 13.30
Duration 3 hr
Distance 6.7 mile
Ascent 2400 ft
Walking with On my own
Glenridding - Mires Beck - Birkhouse Moor - Red Tarn - Catstye Cam - Red Tarn Beck - Greenside Mines - Greenside Road - Glenridding
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Glenridding

Found in the centre of Glenridding, this car park fills up very quickly indeed. Not just because of the amount of walkers heading onto the Helvellyn fells, but with people just wanting to have a walk around the village. Arriving after mid morning during the summer months would be a bit of a hit and miss situation as far as getting a space goes.

To state the obvious; there is a charge for parking here.


Route Map

"Come on then Bill, break time's over, this garden'll never get finished if we sit about all day"
"OK Ben, but don't move yet, someone's taking our photo"
"Bloomin nuisance. We'll just have to sit still till he's gone"
"Wonder where he's going"
"I don't know, , , , , , up one of those hills I expect"

I had intended to do this route the opposite way round; until I got this far, and then for no reason I can think of, I had a sudden change of mind. This was a good idea as it turned out. There was a steady stream of people walking up the side of Mires Beck, and if I'd been coming down that way later in the day, it would have been like swimming against the tide.

A view back showing Glenridding Dodd, Glenridding and a small part of Ullswater.

Lots of people in front of me, , ,

, , , and now they're all behind.
I didn't feel as though I was walking fast; everyone else just seemed to be walking very slowly.

Birkhouse Moor in front of a cloud topped Helvellyn and Catstye Cam.

Looking back around to Birkhouse Moor.
Incidentally: As I was passing the Hole-in-the-Wall, I counted 48 people waiting to begin their walk across Striding Edge. Not my idea of fun at all.

Approaching Red Tarn.

Looking down to Red Tarn from the route onto Catstye Cam.

Cloudy Swirral Edge.

Catstye Cam summit. The fell behind / above the cairn is Birkhouse Moor.


Sheffield Pike (above the scree), taken from my somewhat unconventional route between Catstye Cam and the Red Tarn Beck path. I just wandered about and wasn't fussy about how I got there.

Looking in the same direction as the previous picture; this time from much further down the fellside.

Catstye Cam seen from the path next to Glenridding Beck.

Swart Beck; scene of much mining activity in the past.

Shortly after leaving the main mining area, you pass this building which has been built into the side of the fell and reinforced with a concrete roof, extra thick walls and a metal door. Presumably for storing explosives.

Greenside Road.

Birkhouse Moor, seen from Greenside Road.

Passing by the first lot of cottages on Greenside Road. Place fell is behind.

On the way back into Glenridding, I noticed Bill & Ben were no further along with the gardening and they were having another break, , , , you just can't get the staff.

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