27th April 2011

High Seat and Bleaberry Fell


Walk Overview
Time 13.00 to 16.40
Duration 3 hr 40 min
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1800 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Ashness Bridge - High Strutta - Dodd - High Seat - Threefooted Brandreth - Bleaberry Fell - above Falcon Crag - Ashness Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ashness Bridge

This is a large parking area found only a minutes walk from the ever popular Ashness Bridge. Despite most people never walking any further then the said bridge, this is a great place to start a walk onto this end of the central ridge.

Despite its popularity parking is free.


Route Map

We're having a real run of luck with the weather at the moment so not wanting to miss out, we headed here for an afternoon trying to kill two birds with one stone. The first bird being the walk, and the second being a look in Keswick for a new pair of boots for me. By the end of the day both birds were 'deceased' even though the second one was much more hassle than the first.

After getting a less than great service in one shop, we ended up in Rathbones where I was pleased to walk out carrying a new pair of size 8 (and a half) boots. It doesn't matter which shop, but the guy in the other one insisted that this particular boot doesn't come in half sizes; even though I told him they must do because I'd been buying at least one pair every twelve months for years. I don't even look at any other boots, I just pick the ones I always buy and try a pair of those on.

There were lots of people at Ashness Bridge enjoying the weather and the views today. This really was a day when you were seeing the Lake District at its absolute best, the views were clear and I'd be happy if it were this warm in the middle of July. Anyone on holiday here over the last couple of weeks must be more than pleased with the dates they chose.

A close up of Causey Pike with two paragliders in the air and others preparing to set off from the ridge on Cat Bells.

Leaving the crowds behind, we began our walk up High Strutta. All the while we were being treated to ever expanding clear views.

Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite Lake.

And again, this time showing our ascent route alongside the fence.

Higher up on the fell now and the northern fells are in view.

Looking across to High Seat.
Typical isn't it, all that blue sky and we walk from here to the summit in the shade.

High Seat Summit.
The pointed bit to the right of the trig column is Catstye Cam and to the right of that is Helvellyn.


Heading across to Bleaberry Fell over what is normally a notoriously wet area of fell. Apart from the odd little bit, the place was done dry today, so, I had the idea to take a 'slight' de-tour across the lumps and bumps to the east of the normal route.

On route we walk through the area known as Threefooted Brandreth. I wish I knew what that name actually meant or where it came from.

Manchester Corporation Water Works.

Heather clad fellside in front of Clough Head and the Dodds.

Come on now, you didn't think I took Jennifer through all that heather for nothing did you.


Bleaberry Fell summit and wind shelter, , , the shelter was not needed today, in fact, a couple of sun loungers would have been more useful.

Time to leave Bleaberry Fell and get to Keswick before the shops close.

Further down the path you pass this sheepfold seen here in front of the Skiddaw fells and Blencathra.

Looking over Low Moss to the top half of Clough Head.

The 'top of Cat Gill' view of Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite Lake.

That's a long way up, , , or depending on your point of view, a long way down.


A close up of Ashness Farm.

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