29th April 2011

An Eskdale trio - Green Crag, Harter Fell and Hard Knott


Walk Overview
Time 08.00 to 16.40
Duration 8 hr 40 min
Distance 12 mile
Ascent 3300 ft
Walking with Jennifer, Dave Dimmock, Richard Ratcliffe
Eskdale Road - Woolpack Inn - Low Birker - Low Birker Tarn - Green Crag - Long Crag - Harter Fell - Hardknott Pass - Hard Knott - Yew Bank - Lingcove Beck - Lingcove Bridge - Brotherilkeld - Eskdale Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Wha House, Eskdale

A small car park found towards the Hardknott Pass end of Eskdale.


Route Map

We headed into Eskdale today to meet up with Richard and Dave for a long walk linking three fells together. The first one was Green Crag and to get up there, we had to make our way up onto the skyline you can see here.

Low Birker.
As we walked past we commented on the view from the new building; not quite priceless, but I bet this lot would still cost a pretty penny.

Out onto the open fell now and looking across the valley to Whin Rigg and Illgill Head.

A view through Eskdale towards the west coast.

In light of our future King getting married today in London, Jennifer decided to dress for the occasion by adding a Union Jack bow to her sun hat. Had we been invited to the main event, I suspect she would have wore something more in keeping with that of a Royal wedding. I can't understand why we weren't invited, but we were still very grateful for the extra bank holiday and we did see it on telly when we got home.

After the recent absence of rain, I'm sure this area is much dryer than normal. To state the obvious, this isn't somewhere to wander about after periods of rain.

Low Birker Tarn and sheepfold. The water helps to show just how windy it was up here today.

It was somewhere around here that we commented on just how far it was to Green Crag using this route. Looking back to Low Birker Tarn help to confirm our thoughts.

Dave makes his way across to begin the final steep ascent onto Green Crag summit.
The rocky fell behind has the unimaginative title of 'The Pike'.

Waiting patiently for the rest of us to get to the top.
The tarn on the left is Devoke Water.

Green Crag seen from the old boundary stone.

Heading towards no mans land, , ,

Just after taking this picture Dave took the lead and used his years of bog trotting experience to get us across here with dry feet.
Ordinarily this is an area I wouldn't walk through. During wetter times I'd either avoid it altogether or if I had to I'd take the slightly higher ground to the left of this picture. Because of this I only ever link these two fells together during dry spells such as the current one.

Looking down to Eskdale from the steep route up Harter Fell. We could have headed across and used the path, but it's just as easy to follow the wall as this meets up with the path anyway.

Harter Fell Edge.
It was blowing a gale up here so I dread to think what it was like on the Lake Districts 'proper' edges.

If you like clambering about on big rocks then this is the place for you, , , ,

, , , , see what I mean.
I must have blinked and missed Richard climbing up there. If you want to see the picture Richard took of us, you'll have to look on his site.

So far we'd enjoyed blue sky and sunshine since we'd set off; albeit with a strong wind. Unfortunately, for a couple of hours after leaving Harter Fell it turned a bit grey and dull. The difficult thing was trying to find somewhere sheltered for a bite to eat. We were all more than ready for a refuel, but it was a bit too windy to sit out in the open. We settled on a semi sheltered spot next to a stream.

At the top of Hardknott Pass.
The road is just visible on the right. We up the grassy bit on the left of the picture.

Hard Knott summit.

Jennifer, keeping a tight hold of her hat as we leave Hard Knott.
Anyone up there on Esk Pike, Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags must have been getting battered about by the wind today.

and as if by magic, the clouds began to disappear, the sun came back out and the final part of the walk was good as we could have hoped for.

Making our way down to the Brotherilkeld route in or out of Upper Eskdale.

Lingcove Bridge.

A view back along our route.
The pointed fell in the far distance is Bow Fell.

and the view looking ahead.

Brotherilkeld Farm.

These ladies haven't quite got the hang of sitting behind a wall to get out of the sun.

This is the where we reached the main Eskdale road (behind me).

From the roadside I took this picture across the fields and up to the Border End side of Hard Knott.
The low point on the skyline is the top of Hardknott Pass.

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