13th August 2011

A walk among the Yewdale Fells


Walk Overview
Time 09.50 to 15.40
Duration 5 hr 50 min
Distance 6.8 mile
Ascent 2000 ft
Walking with Neil Haslewood
Tilberthwaite - Great Intake - Hawk Rigg - Blake Rigg - Dry Cove Bottom - Hole Rake - Kitty Crag - High Wythow - Low Wythow - Tilberthwaite Road - Tilberthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Tilberthwaite

High Tilberthwaite is a lovely spot found about mid way between Little Langdale and the main Coniston road, and although cars can get here from the Coniston side, the only option from Little Langdale is to walk.

The car park is free.


Route Map

Today's walk took us onto some of the lower fells dotted around the area directly between Coniston and Little Langdale. Considering the walk is less than seven miles in length, you certainly seem to cover quite a large area. It would have been perfectly feasible to start this walk from Coniston itself, but we chose to set out from Tilberthwaite.

After a short walk along the road, we passed through the farm yard at High Tilberthwaite and began our walk up the old quarryman's track so we could ascent Great Intake from the Little Langdale side of the fell.

Little Langdale seen from the quarries on route to Great Intake.


That bit from the quarries to here wasn't half hard going, steep, slippery and running with water.

The driest option here was to skirt along the edge of the bracken where the soaking wet plants weren't as high and the boggy bit wasn't quite as boggy. It would be easy going if the place was dry, but given the amount of rain we've had lately, it was far from easy and far from quick.

A view through the Blea Tarn gap to the Langdales.

The previous picture was taken from the highest of the 'lumpy bits' you can see here. Not long after taking this photo the view was gone altogether as another band of rain moved across the area.

Looking down to the Tilberthwaite road. The fell directly above the cairn is Holme Fell.

Distant showers.

Descending the path next to Dry Cove Bottom, , , , seems like a daft name for somewhere as wet as this. I assume the person who named it had a strange sense of humour.

This is the bridge we crossed to gain access to the western side of Crook Beck. Just after crossing the bridge the rain set in for a while.

A view back down a very wet looking area around Crook Beck. The high fell in the centre is Blake Rigg.

All we needed now was somewhere sheltered for a bite to eat, and was old quarry entrance was as sheltered a spot as we were likely to find up here. It was just a pity the water was a bit too deep to walk through.

Peeping out from our refuge we could see the rain was beginning to clear up now.

Somewhat overgrown weeds, but this is the small tarn found at Hole Rake.

In among that cloud is Coniston Old Man.

Coniston seen from Kitty Crag.



The undulating nature of this area is shown on this picture and even though the place is virtually pathless, linking the numerous rocky outcrops together is an easy enough affair.

Another view down the length of Coniston.

Almost down to the Tilberthwaite road now and thankfully the rain was well gone and it was warming up nicely.

Tilberthwaite Beck.

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