9th September 2011

Along The Old Coach Road and back


Walk Overview
Time 13.50 to 17.15
Duration 3 hr 25 min
Distance 10.4 mile
Ascent 1200 ft
Walking with On my own
Wanthwaite - Hausewell Brow - Mariel Bridge - Mothersike Brow - Barbaryrigg Fold - Groove Beck ford - High Row - - - - and back
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Wanthwaite, St John's in the Vale

Because of the closeness to peoples houses, I'm never sure whether or not to park at the junction with the Old Coach Road or not, so I generally try to park a little further along the road just past the turn off to Wanthwaite Bridge. Which ever option you go for there isn't much room. I should point out that the second option I've described is along the edge of a very busy main road.


Route Map

I decided to do this walk earlier today while I was looking out of the window at the pouring rain, the cloud and trees bending over because it was blowing a gale. Despite seeing everything that should really put you off, I just wanted to get out and I knew this walk would be OK whatever the weather. When the time came to leave home however, the cloud was up, rain had stopped and there was even a little sunshine on offer. Perhaps I should have gone somewhere else and kept this for a bad day, which seem to be plentiful at the moment.


A look backwards to see High Rigg.

Blencathra and its ridges.

Although this walk could be viewed as being low level and quite easy, when you take a look at the numbers, you realise you've spent most of the time around the 1300 / 1400 ft mark. This isn't much lower than the top of Cat Bells for example. As for the ascent; if I can compare to Cat Bells again, there was more ascent on this walk that there would have been if I'd parked at Gutherscale and walked to the top of Cat Bells. I was just a pity I was sort of restricted to an out and back walk today.

A close up of (part of) Threlkeld.

Great Mell Fell comes into view.

There were lots of puddles along the way today and initially I was making an effort to avoid them altogether. After a while I gave up and settled for walking through the shallower water along the edge.


Still a long way to go. The track continues all the way to, and beyond the area of trees on the far left of the picture.

Looking up Mosedale Beck from Marial Bridge.
The fell in cloud on the left is Great Dodd.

Barbaryrigg Fold in front of Great Mell Fell.


This was the end of the line for me today. After having a couple of pieces of fruit and a drink of water, I turned round and started walking back.

I wouldn't like to fall in that with my mouth open. Actually, I wouldn't like to fall in it at all; I'm sure you know what I mean though.

Crossing the ford at Groove Beck.

Even thought the day seemed to be brightening up, Blencathra was now under cloud.

Great Mell Fell and Little Mell Fell, seen across a rather boggy area with some nicely coloured grasses.

Barbaryrigg Fold, again.

Dramatic skies over the Keswick area.

Droppiing back down to Wanthwaite.
It was nice to see some sunshine on the fields below St John's in the Vale Church. I just wish it had been over here instead or possibly as well, instead of instead, , , OK I'll stop talking now.


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