18th September 2011

Black Combe and beyond


Walk Overview
Time 12.45 to 15.45
Duration 3 hr
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 2100 ft
Walking with On my own
Whitbeck Church - Townend Knotts - Black Combe - Butcher's Breast - Fell Cottage - Whitbeck - Whitbeck Church
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Whitbeck Church

Found in the far south west of the Lake District, the parking spaces next to Whitbeck church are a handy starting point for a walk onto Black Combe. In the unlikely event of their being no room, there if a large lay-by a little further down the road (south).

Parking is free.


Route Map

I decided to head down the coast for a walk on Black Combe today. I understand this something of an out of the way place to get to if you're visiting the Lake District and staying in one of the more popular areas, but Black Combe is a great fell which I'd highly recommend.

Over there is Seaness (the grassy bit not the wet stuff in the distance). If you look at Black Combe in its entirety, this marks the southern end of the fell.
For no particular reason, I didn't walk across there today. As it turned out, not going across probably kept me out of the cloud at the top.

Out in the sea you can see the ghostly looking wind turbines.


The pathway to Black Combe.

Just below the summit is Black Combe Tarn. Today it acted as a good windometer.

Black Combe summit.
I don't think the guy was doing a dance, the wind was just making it difficult to put his jacket on.
I'd already said hello on the walk up before I cut off the path to visit the tarn. I didn't see the need to go across and strike up another conversation.

The best viewpoint is found a couple of minutes walk from the summit.
Here I'm looking towards the higher ground of the Lake District, , ,

, , , and here I'm looking to the gentler, southern end of the county.

That's the way I'm heading for a little while; before turning of downhill to the left.
It's suddenly turned much darker.

Looking down Black Combe Screes.

A close up of Sellafield and the Cumbrian coast, including St Bees Head. In the far distance are the Scottish hills.

and not so close up.

Cloud on the summit. It looks like missing out Seaness and not talking to people has paid off after all.


A close up of Bootle.


A view back up the intake wall I'd followed off the fell.
The bracken seems to be much further on in this area than it is elsewhere.

I'm glad I didn't stand on this little guy. OK it could be a girl, it's just a bit hard to tell.


The sun may have been nice and warm where I was, but it didn't look too promising across there and it was moving this way.


Whitbeck Mill.



Whitbeck Church.

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