13th November 2011

A walk up my favourite fell - Angletarn Pikes


Walk Overview
Time 09.30 to 13.15
Duration 3 hr 45 min
Distance 8.2 mile
Ascent 1900 ft
Walking with On my own
Patterdale - Side Farm - Rooking - Boredale Hause - Angletarn Pikes - Angle Tarn - Satura Crag - Hayeswater - Hartsop - Beckstones - Rooking - Patterdale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, opposite Patterdale Hotel

I think I'm correct in saying that the hotel actually owns the car park, so needless to say there is a charge. Thankfully this is a daily charge and if I'm honest it is well worth the cost when you consider the fantastic selection of walk that can be undertaken from this spot.

It does tend to fill up rather quickly though, and not only during the summer months.


Route Map

That's where I'm heading; up the diagonal path you can just make out on the side of the fell and then off to the high ground on the right hand side.
This was the walk I was originally going to do yesterday. If you've looked at yesterdays walk you'll know why I ended up in Loweswater instead.

Side Farm. Walk into the farm yard and turn left for Ullswater or right for Hartsop.

The back of Side Farm or should I say Side Farm's backside.

What a lovely spot to live.

Looking down to Patter(dale).
The valley leading off to the right is Deepdale, Brothers Water can be seen on the left, and to complete a trio of information the high fell on the left is Red Screes.

Even though there was a lack of sunshine it was really warm again today. I'm sure the figures would tell a different story, but it's felt warmer this last few weeks than it did on many days during the summer.

Place Fell and Boredale Hause.

Brothers Water seen from the path near Dubhow Crag.
On the skyline you have Hartsop Dodd, Stony Cove Pike (just), Red Screes, Little Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Hart Crag. You also have Middle Dodd, High Hartsop Dodd and Hartsop Above How, but they're not on the skyline.

I think I'll walk around that bit.

Standing on Angletarn Pikes slightly lower southern top. Brothers Water can be seen in the valley.

Angle Tarn reflections.

A view back to Angletarn Pikes.

Bannerdale, taken just off the path leading from Angle Tarn and Satura Crag.

It's pretty easy to follow the route across here in the mist anyway, but this gateway at least confirms exactly where you are along the path. I know it isn't misty today, I was just saying.

Well, any chance of getting home with clean trouser bottoms was gone after walking across this bit.
The fell on the left is Brock Crags.

Just about to cross Hayeswater Gill.

And just to confirm that the weather can do strange things in the Lake District. As I got nearer to Hayeswater I was feeling pleased that it was beginning to brighten up a little, and then I saw the cloud spilling over from the Straights of Riggindale and High Street. Two places so close together yet both of them going in the opposite direction weather wise.

As I was walking down the alternative route to Hartsop I spotted these folk using an alternative to the alternative route.

and my alternative route between Hayeswater and Hartsop.
It's no easier, no further, no better, no worse, it just makes a nice change from the main path down to Hartsop. If you've already used the main path a few times why not give this one a try.

You can't walk along here without taking a picture of this ruin.

Pasture Bottom. Go on admit it, you always giggle when you hear that name.
The low point on the skyline is Threshthwaite Mouth.

Walking through Hartsop or Low Hartsop as it used to be called.



Gray Crag above Hartsop.

Following the track between Hartsop and Patterdale. This is another lovely lower level route which would make a good there and back walk for those who can't or don't want to get up onto the fells.

Looking up to Dubhow Crag. The path I used earlier passed across the low point on the skyline.



Autumn comes to Patterdale.

Approaching Crookabeck, and the end of what is always a fantastic walk for me. Angletarn Pikes is my favourite fell, Angle Tarn is as nice a spot as you could ever hope to visit, the route down to Hartsop from Hayeswater always makes me feel like I'm somewhere special, and to finish the walk off, you have a lovely stroll through the valley.

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