17th November 2011

Skiddaw Little Man, Skiddaw and Carl Side.


Walk Overview
Time 08.05 to 12.05
Duration 4 hr
Distance 7.1 mile
Ascent 3000 ft
Walking with On my own
Gale road car park - Harwell Monument - Jenkin Hill - Skiddaw Little Man - Skiddaw - Carlside Tarn - Carlside - White Stones - Millbbeck - Applethwaite - Gale Road - Gale road car park
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, at the top of Gale Road, Latrigg

This is a popular starting point for those wishing to take the so called tourist route up Skiddaw. Personally I feel that it offers far more choices than this. Not only is it handy for Skiddaw itself, but the adjoining fells are all within easy reach. If this isn't enough choice then you could also head onto Blencathra, Mungrisedale Common or the more adventurous could even head as far as the Back O'skiddaw fells.

The car park is free, but most of the time it does get pretty full.

A word of warning: This is somewhere to avoid during icy conditions. Those who have experienced this will know why!


Route Map

Jenkin Hill and Skiddaw Little Man, taken from the Harwell Monument.

and turning around, you see the eastern fells, High Rigg and Tewet Tarn..

This wasn't quite the sunrise, that happened about 40 minutes ago, but it was still nice to see it coming up from behind the fells. The sun shone on me for the next five minutes and that was almost my lot for the day I'm afraid.

Nice while it lasted spring to mind.

It's just about impossible to loose the path on this section of fell. The obvious mistake I've seen people make on here is to think that's the top of Skiddaw up there, which of course it isn't.

I saw quite a lot of this today. I know it looks very nice to see nature at her most artistic, but I for one would have liked the holes in the cloud to be a bit bigger.

Looking back to the lower of the two tops on Skiddaw Little Man.

I just love this view from Skiddaw. It gives the impression that you're a lot higher above the other fells than you actually are.

It was blowing a gale up here and I felt a bit put out because I needed to put on a coat and a pair of gloves. The need to get 'well wrapped up' doesn't happen very often for me but today it was just too cool to walk along here in a shirt.


Skiddaw summit, taken before the cloud caught up with me again and removed the view.

Bassenthwaite Lake and a decent sized area of sunshine.

I had a couple of options in mind for a route back today, one was to continue down to Bakestall, another was to walk back a bit and then cut straight down to Skiddaw House. The one I went for in the end was to head down to Carl Side.

From the summit I retraced my steps for a short way and then cut off to pick up this path down to Carlside Col. It turned out to be a very slow descent today. The ground was quite slippery on the steeper section and I'd headed into the worst of the wind which was blowing sideways across the fell. And then to add insult to injury, the cloud rolled in and took away the view for the top half of the route.

Ullock Pike and Bassenthwaite Lake are just about to disappear behind the cloud.

It's a good job I don't mind being on my own.

I have to admit that took a lot of concentration in this wind.

Longside and Ullock Pike.

Skiddaw, seen from the short path between Carlside Tarn and Carl Side.


White Stones, , , I'm not telling you what colour they are, that's what they call this part of the fell.

Looking down to Millbeck.

Lots of north western fells for you to pick out among this lot. To kick things off there is Maiden Moor, Hindscarth, Causey Pike, Outerside and Grisedale Pike. I'll leave you to fill in the gaps.

I Tried to think of something witty to say about this but drew a blank.

Millbeck Farm.

I think the building on the right would look more at home in the Scottish Highlands than in the Lake District.


Two pictures to finish off with.
This one showing what looks like a band stand for a one man band,
  and this one showing Gale Road, the sting in this walks tail.
This walk has a big up at the start, then a long down, then you go across for a while and then an up to finish off with.

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