11th February 2012

Not quite Raven Crag


Walk Overview
Time 10.10 to 11 40 to
Duration 1 hr 30 min
Distance 3.5 mile
Ascent 1100 ft
Walking with On my own
Near Thirlmere Dam - Castle Crag Fort - Shoulthwaite Gill - Shoulthwaite Moss - Road back to the car
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Thirlmere Dam

I think I'm correct in saying this is the preferred parking spot for peak baggers who are intent on a quick there and back walk up Raven Crag. And while this is indeed the closest parking spot to Raven Crag, there actually considerably more routes to be had from here. To name a few, you could undertake a complete circuit of Thirlmere, head north to St John's in the Vale and High Rigg or even have a short walk onto Great How.

In or around August 2011 a pay and display machine was installed in this car park.

However, , , , if you continue a short way down the road towards the A591 you can park for free in a lay-by. The free parking spot is indicated by the higher of the two red arrows.

Route Map

I had stuff to do this afternoon so I thought I'd have a nice easy walk up Raven Crag. As it turned out it was still nice, but it wasn't easy and I didn't quite get to the top of Raven Crag.

Heading up through the woodland.

There were lots of icy tracks today, and although they were all passable, wearing those micro spikes would have made life a little easier.


Slippery forest paths.

Ah, this is a bit awkward, but I know it's not impossible. Andrew Leaney came up here last Saturday and he managed to get to the top of Raven Crag.

First of all I tried walking straight through, , , , foolishly thinking it can't be that bad. After being poked in the head, the leg and the stomach by sharp branches I went for a different angle of attack, , , , ,

, , , , , walking around the edge; and even though there weren't as many trees to crawl under or climb over, it was far too slippery. Stuff this, I said out loud, I know when I'm beat !!!

As some sort of compensation for missing out on Raven Crag, I headed across to have another look around Castle Crag Fort.

I guess this must be it.
Archaeologists and historians will probably know what all the lumps and bumps around here are or rather what they used to be. To me, this is just a bit too far back in history to get a real appreciation of things. I just think it's a great little outcrop with a great view (on a fine day).

I think I've said all that after previous walks up here.

Perhaps this is the inside of the fort.

Part of the view. It was too frozen and slippery to walk any further round.


The bridge over Shoulthwaite Gill.

Rounding the edge of the woods and almost back at the road.


This is a stroke of luck. I'd heard about these tree like creatures living in the woods around here. I just never expected to see one for myself.

A wintry looking picture of Smaithwaite and Bridge End Farm.

A view across the valley to the Dodds.
The question is, how on earth did Andrew manage to get past those trees last week.

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