4rd March 2012

Walking the Lakeland Passes - walk 1 - Boredale Hause


Walk Overview
Time 11.30 to 15.40
Duration 4 hr 10 min
Distance 8.4 mile
Ascent 1800 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Patterdale - Boredale Hause - Boredale - Sandwick - Ullwater Shore Path - Side Farm - Patterdale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, opposite Patterdale Hotel

I think I'm correct in saying that the hotel actually owns the car park, so needless to say there is a charge. Thankfully this is a daily charge and if I'm honest it is well worth the cost when you consider the fantastic selection of walk that can be undertaken from this spot.

It does tend to fill up rather quickly though, and not only during the summer months.


Route Map

Today's walk was the first one from a walking project I've devised for myself for 2012. The project is to complete a list of walks that will take me over the principle Lakeland Passes. All the preparation and planning was done months ago and all I was waiting for was March to come along with it's longer days and hopefully better weather. And although the longer days are here, the weather today was not as good as I'd have liked it to be. Never mind, I just wanted to make a start and Jennifer also asked of she could join me on the first walk.
I should add that most of the other walks are by no means as easy as this one.

If you've already opened the link on the home page and read all the information in there you'll know more about the project. If you haven't had a look, it'll only take a few minutes and it will explain things in much greater detail.

To be really picky, the hause is before the tarn, but they are both in that direction.

Even though it had been forecast, I was still a bit surprised to see so much new snow on the fells today. Perhaps I just didn't believe the forecaster.

Looking down to Patterdale (dale), , ,

, , , and now down to the village and the dale.

Boredale Hause.

There wasn't much time spent at height today, no sooner had we reached Boredale Hause and we were heading back down and into Boredale itself.

Boredale is a lovely little valley, a real haven of peace, quiet and solitude. OK, I can't claim to have found solitude today because Jennifer was with me, but it was certainly peaceful and quiet. Yes, I know we could have walked a hundred yards apart. I just didn't have the heart to suggest walking separately so we could enjoy it more.

Looking back up the route to Boredale Hause. Our exit from Boredale Hause is the small nick at the lowest point on the skyline.

Boredale Head Farm.

A view through the valley to Hallin Fell.

This is the first of two crossing of Boredale Beck, this one be Nettleslack (the house you can see) and the other near the old vicarage. Both are very low in the valley and are susceptible to flooding.



The short spell of sunshine was most welcome, even if it did nothing at all to warm things up.

That's the old vicarage you can see in this picture.

At Sandwick we turned left and headed for the lakeside path to Patterdale. If you're not sure, it's signposted.

The way to Patterdale.

Ullswater Steamer, not quite doing a roaring trade.

There goes a hail shower across the far end of the lake. As we walked along here we were caught in about half a dozen showers. None of them were enough to get us properly wet, and they were all followed by bright sunshine.

On the opposite side of the lake is Gowbarrow Fell.




Side Farm.

David Hall -
Lake District Walks