11th March 2012

Allen Crags, Glaramara and Bessyboot

Walk Overview
Time 08.50 to 15.10
Duration 6 hr 20 min
Distance 9.5 mile
Ascent 3200 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
Seathwaite - Stockley Bridge - Grains Gill - Ruddy Gill - lower Esk Hause - Allen Crags - High House Tarn - Lincomb Tarns - Glaramara - Combe Head - Combe Door - Rosthwaite Cam - Tarn at Leaves - Bessyboot - Combe Gill - Allerdale Ramble back to Seathwaite
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking leading to Seathwaite, Borrowdale

The popularity of the fells around here are more than reflected in the number of cars you find lining the road from Seathwaite Farm working back in the direction of Seatollor. I'm almost tempted to say that this is somewhere you'll never fail to get parked. Simply join the back of the line on the grass verge.

Parking is free and there is a tea room and toilets at Seathwaite.


Route Map

Leaving Seathwaite and heading towards Stockley Bridge. If you look very carefully you can see a very long line of people walking up Sty Head Pass.

Out into the sunshine on Grains Gill.

Out into the sunshine on Grains Gill.

Great Gable peeping out from the clouds.

Lower Esk Hause cross shelter in front of Great End. A couple of minutes earlier we could hardly see the shelter and then, , , , blue sky and sunshine.

Allen Crags summit.

Great End.

Looking a little further round, the view shows the cloud rising out of Upper Eskdale to cover Ill Crag.

Bow Fell and not quite Esk Pike.

A view across to Glaramara.

There are lots of tarns and pools across this ridge, some of them were looking a little eerie as the cloud moved back and forth.


High House Tarn.

looking back for a view of Great End, , , ,

, , , , and of Bow Fell, Esk Pike and Allen Crags.


Another dip in the ridge takes us past an area of boggy ground with High Raise and the Langdales in the background.

Glaramara. The fell sticking out of the cloud just to the right of the cairn is Skiddaw.

An eastwards view showing less cloud than there was to the west of us.

Still at the summit and now looking to Borrowdale. Again, the fell sticking out of the cloud in the far distance is Skiddaw.

"Has anyone seen my puddle"

Looking into The Combe and Borrowdale from Combe Head.

And a slightly different view taken from our lunch spot, The cloud has moved to give us a view of Derwent Water.

Combe Door.

Perfect conditions to be clambering about on dry rocks.


Approaching Rosthwaite Cam.


Rosthwaite Cam right in front of us and that's Tarn at Leaves on the right of the picture. We're heading there next.

Tarn at Leaves; a strange name but a nice one nonetheless.

Bessyboot summit.

an again. Derwent Water is just visible in the centre of the picture.

Tarn at Leaves in front of High Raise and Pike O'Stickle. I took this picture just before we turned right and headed down towards Combe Gill.

This is a steep section of fellside down to Combe Gill and one where I'm unlikely to ever do the same route twice. On every occasion I've been here it's been a case of taking a line of descent that feels OK at the time.

Back at valley level now and we both agreed if it was this warm in summer we'd be satisfied and grateful.


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