15th March 2012

Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 2 - Newlands Pass & Coledale Hause


Walk Overview
Time 08.00 to 15.15
Duration 6 hr 15 min
Distance 16 mile
Ascent 3,600 ft
Walking with On my own
Braithwaite - Newlands Pass - Buttermere - Lanthwaite Green - Gasgale Gill - Coledale Hause - Braithwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Braithwaite Village

The best option are the half dozen or so spaces outside the school. Other than that, it's a case of finding a space in the centre of the village.


Route Map

Given that we've had three days of immoveable cloud in the valleys and cloud inversions on the high fells, I had two walks in mind today, one of which would have taken me above the cloud, although I have to admit that wasn't really what I was after today. The other walk was one of my passes walks which I didn't want to do if I wasn't going to get a view. As I headed away from the coast, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw some blue sky and sunshine. So here you have it; a walk over Newlands Pass and Coledale Hause. Admittedly it was an unusual route, but it gave me a fantastic walk today.

Looking across to the Skiddaw Fells. They were to be my cloud inversion walk should conditions have been the same as yesterday.

Just outside Braithwaite and looking back to see Barf; the lower of the fells in the distance. I'd only been walking a few minutes and I was down to short sleeves already.

It was absolutely gorgeous walking through here this morning. Without a breath of wind or any sound to disturb things it made me even more glad to be alive than normal.

Causey Pike seen from the bridge over Stonycroft Gill

A view back through Newlands Valley.

This is the new house at Rigg Beck. I have to admit I didn't really take to it when it was still being built, but now that it's finished, I think it fits in perfectly with the surroundings and looks like it could have been here for generations..


Still a long way to go. Past the house, past the farm and up to the nick in the centre skyline.

A now and then picture of the twisty bit next to Keskadale Farm.   I guess this was the white knuckle ride of the time.

Heading up to the top of the pass (Newlands Hause).

A long distance view back down the pass.

Knott Rigg taken from Newlands Hause.

Still at the top of the pass and now looking across to Whiteless Pike and Wandope.

Now for the descent into Buttermere.
Talking about the descent into Buttermere, , , well, it's actually the ascent out of Buttermere I want to mention. As I was walking up the pass earlier, I had a good crack with the only other person I'd seen since setting off. This 'mature gent' was telling me it had only taken him 33 minutes to walk up from Buttermere this morning. And then, amongst other things, we mentioned the weather or more to the point he mentioned not being able to get a forecast in Buttermere youth hostel. Despite the lack of a TV, he seemed unimpressed by the fact that some of the youngsters could get the forecast on their mobile phones. "I'm not too keen on modern technology" he said, "I don't have a machine for people to send me a fax. I'm just happy with things the way they are. Anyway, I don't need a gadget to help me enjoy that view." As we went our separate ways, I couldn't help feeling a little envious in a strange sort of way. Here was a guy who thought sending a fax was the height of modern technology yet he seemed more than happy and content with the simpler things in life.

"Get to the point"

OK. The point I'm trying to make is this; it took me almost two hours to walk from Braithwaite to the top of the pass yet it only takes about half an hour to walk up the Buttermere side.

Looking back up Newlands Pass.
Knott Rigg and Ard Crags are the fells in the centre of the picture.

Buttermere church.

I was still in the sunshine when I reached Buttermere, but I didn't need to be a meteorologist or any other kind of 'ologist' to work out it wasn't going to last much longer.

Crummock Water.

Walking around Hause Point which was more or less half way through the walk and the point furthest away from the car.

A view across Crummock Water towards the Loweswater end of the lake.

The cloud had really moved across the area now, as this picture of Crummock Water shows.


Mellbreak, taken from Lanthwaite Green.

Looking into the bottom of Gasgale Gill. This is where I started walking up hill again.

and looking back out.

Two passes in one walk but both totally different from each other. Newlands is easy going and gentle with extensive views, whereas this one requires hands as well as feet and is enclosed by steep fellside. rocks, crags and scree. The only similarities are that they both have two sides and they both end up in Braithwaite.

Three pictures looking up the pass.



and a picture looking back down the pass.

Approaching Coledale Hause, but would I get a view from the top, , , ,

, , , , no.

Out of the mist now and beginning the walk down to Coledale and Braithwaite.

Time for something to eat.

The path on the right is the one I followed. It then crosses the beck and joins the other path on the left of the picture.


Force Crag Mine. You have to take a picture don't you?

Ready to begin walking through Coledale.

Dramatic skies at Coledale Hause.


Looking over Braithwaite towards Keswick and Latrigg.

Back at Braithwaite and here are another couple of pictures for you to compare.   I've no idea of the date of this picture. I was going to ask the person standing on the bridge but they weren't there today.

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