16th April 2012

Hawkshead to Far Sawrey and Windermere shore


Walk Overview
Time 08.40 to 14.05
Duration 5 hr 35 min
Distance 11 mile
Ascent 1500 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Hawkshead - Colthouse - Rough Hows - Hollin Band Plantation - Wise Een Tarn - Moss Eccles Tarn - Near Sawrey - Far Sawrey - Windermere shore - Belle Grange - High Wray - Colthouse - Hawkshead
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Hawkshead

Despite the size of this car park, the popularity of Hawkshead makes it a bit of a hit and miss affair as far as getting a space goes. If you do manage to get parked then you're in for a real treat because Hawkshead really does give you a glimpse back in time.

Needless to say there is a substantial charge the privilege of parking here.


Route Map

Hawkshead church has a great vantage point high above the village. This photo was taken from the car park and the only thing in the way are the rooftops.

Hawkeshead and the Coniston fells seen from the track leading onto Claife Heights; the name given to the higher ground between Esthwaite Water and Windermere.
While we were enjoying blue sky and sunshine we could see the forecasted weather front out to the west. Unfortunately it was due to move in this direction. The question was, how far would we get before the cloud reached us.

A clearing in he trees allows a view across to the eastern and far eastern fells.
The bulky fell in the centre of the picture is Red Screes, to the left of that is Scandale and to the left again is the Fairfield Horseshoe. On the far right is the Ill Bell ridge and to the right of Red Screes is Wansfell Pike.

Woodland tracks.


Never be afraid to be different from the rest of the crowd.

Well, it looks like the cloud is catching up to us earlier then we'd hoped.


Wise Een Tarn.

and a short walk takes you to Moss Eccles Tarn.

The way to Near Sawrey.


Near Sawrey. I took this photo from the coach / car drop off point for Hill Top Farm; Beatrix Potters home.

Inside St Peter's Church Far Swarey.


This is one of the many lovely cottages found around here.

After leaving Far Sawrey we headed back into the woods and over to Windermere.

Down by Windermere shore.

A close up of Ill Bell and Froswick, and the yacht of course.

Lunch with a view, , , , until the midges decided we were in their favourite spot and we made a hasty retreat.

The lake shore path.

And just after taking this picture of the countryside and the distant fells, , , ,

, , , , this friendly local ran up to see what we were up to.

Just down the road from the strangely named Beyond Fields.

A last view of the fell on the eastern side of Windermere.

In memory of happy days.
Well, all I can say is someone must have really enjoyed that program to go to all this trouble. Although I don't think The Fonz would give this the thumbs up.


Walking through Colthouse.

When we got back to Hawkeshead everything was put in the car and we had a look around the village.


I recommend the ham and cheese salad sandwich.

If you don't know who The Fonz is or what Happy Days was I'm sure google will have the answer.

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