19th May 2012

Mellbreak and Crummock Water


Walk Overview
Time 12.30 to 16.00
Duration 3 hr 30 min
Distance 6.3 mile
Ascent 1900 ft
Walking with On my own
Loweswater - Kirkgate Farm - Mellbreak - Scale Knott - Crummock Water - Lanthwaite Wood - road back to Loweswater
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Loweswater

With room for only half a dozen cars or so the chances are that you'll find this parking area full. There is another car park found a little way past The Kirkstile Inn, but this one is even smaller. Should you be lucky enough to get parked however, you'll find this a truly beautiful area of the Lake District. Crummock Water and Loweswater are both within easy reach and of course there's Mellbreak, towering above this end of Lorton Vale.


Route Map

It was a spur of the moment decision to walk here today. It hadn't been too great so I had a morning in the house and waited for it to brighten up a little before setting out. As it turned out I was really pleased I came here, I met an old friend I hadn't seem for a few years and I walked around the northern end of Crummock Water where I hadn't been for years.

Looking back to the Kirkstile Inn and Loweswater Church.

Whiteside and Grasmoor seen on the opposite side of the valley. These two fell were in full view or partial view for almost the entire.

Loweswater walls and the lonning leading to the bottom of Mellbreak.

Looking back to Loweswater, Darling Fell and Low Fell.

A view into Lorton Vale. This makes you realise it's much wider than you assume it is when you're driving through it.

and a similar view, this time seen from the scree path up the side of Mellbreak.

A close up of Loweswater. It looks like it's on a slope, but the sea in the background looks level so it must be the shape of the lake causing an optical illusion. Of course it could be my eyes.

Whiteside and Grasmoor again. I didn't know it when I took this picture but I walked along the shoreline on this side of the lake towards the end of the walk.

This is Mellbreak's surprise view. Not quite as well known as the Watendlath road one, but arguably just as impressive.

What a view.
Loweswater and Lorton Vale with Darling Fell, Low Fell and Fellbarrow separating the two. In the distance are the Scottish hills and the Solway Firth.

A sort of close up of Whiteless Pike, Robinson and Rannerdale Knotts.
Over on the far right of the picture is Honister Crag.


Down by the waters edge now and yes, that's Grasmoor on the opposite side of the lake.

Over on the other side of the lake are the Rannerdale Bluebells. Even from here you can make out the blue / purple colour on the fellside above the fields.

Crummock Water taken from Low Ling Crag.

From this angle the little headland of Low Ling Crag seems to split the lake into two. The distinctively shaped fell in the distance is Fleetwith Pike / Honister Crag.

The one that didn't get away.

As I walked along the footpath I saw this guy fishing but didn't recognise him until he shouted "it's young Dyavid Hall". It turned out to be a friend of mind who spent quite a lot of days on the fells with me in the past; pre website days. Perfect timing as he was just landing a nice Trout.

As happy as a man fishing in Crummock.


Walking towards the pump house near the northern end of Crummock Water.

A ducks eye view of Crummock Water with Rannerdale Knotts at the other side of the lake.

Walking through Lanthwaite Woods.

A final view across to Grasmoor and on the right is Rannerdale Knotts.

, , , , and what became of the Trout?

We had it for tea.
No, we're not on a diet, we had other stuff with it.


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