10th June 2012

Grange Fell and part of Borrowdale


Walk Overview
Time 08.45 to 14.30
Duration 5 hr 45 min
Distance 10.5 mile
Ascent 2200 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Ashness Bridge - Surprise View - Watendlath - Puddingstone Bank - Grange Fell - Rosthwaite - New Bridge - River Derwent - Grange - Derwent Water - Lodore Hotel - Barrow Bay
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, bottom of the Ashness Bridge Road, Borrowdale

A nice and handy little car park that gets you into the Keswick end of Borrowdale, offering easy access to the Ashness Bridge / Watendlath areas and of course Borrowdale itself.

Parking is free, but there are only a limited number of spaces, most of which are often taken up by inconsiderate parking.


Route Map

Passing by a deserted Ashness Bridge.

Looking across to Ashness Farm.
I've never actually walked up to / past the farm. I think I'm right in saying you can walk past the farm and across to Barrow Beck so perhaps I should take a slight de-tour up there some time. I suppose the worst that could happen is they tell me I shouldn't be up there.

You probably don't need me to tell you that this is Surprise View.

Looking around to the left and you see the end of Derwent Water in front of Maiden Moor and Cat Bells.

It was lovely walking through here today and it seems that warm weather followed by some wet weather has brought on all the summer greenery

Heading along the bridge next to Watendlath Beck.
It's the middle of June and after the soaring temperatures and blue skies of a few weeks ago, Jennifer is once again wearing her waterproof jacket. It did rain later on, but by that time the jacket was off because it was too warm and the rain didn't last long enough to be worth putting it back on.


A view back through the valley.

Peace and quiet at Watendlath.

"mind you don't loose your oars"
"there's no need for that, I was only trying to be helpful"

Watendlath seen from the path up to Puddingstone Bank.


Just a taster of the terrain on Grange Fell.

Jennifer leads the way to Grange Fell. Despite the rocks and the lumps and bumps around here the route to the summit it still very easy to follow.

Left a bit, right a bit, left a bit, , , stop. Now I can tell everyone the high fell right above your head is Great Gable.

Grange Fell summit.

On route down from Grange Fell I took this picture looking across to Castle Crag, Dale Head and High Spy.

The Rosthwaite / Stonethwaite area of Borrowdale. A pocket sized paradise if ever there was one.

"why's there a gate on top of the stile"
"because of the sloping ground, the other side of the stile only needs a couple of steps and the gate stops the sheep getting over"

We're back on the main Watendlath to Rosthwaite route now and that's Rosthwaite ahead of us.

Looking across Borrowdale to High Scawdel and Low Scawdel.
"Which is which"
"High on the left and Low on the right. And the pointed bit in the middle is Dale Head"

This is the Flock Inn tea garden. You'll have to ask Jennifer what the tea was like but I can certainly recommend the carrot cake.

Yew Tree Farm in Rosthwaite. The tea room and shop is just out of shot on the left.

Walking towards New Bridge (I know you can't see it but that's where we're going). The fell you can see is Castle Crag.

Woodland below Castle Crag.

The River Derwent.


A view across to Manesty. Cat Bells can be seen up on the right of the skyline.

There weren't many climbers on Shepherds Crag today and even if there were, they weren't the most eye catching thing we saw around here.

This guy won the prize for the most unusual activity seen on the walk. Initially we just couldn't work out what it was all about?
Several things were suggested but it never crossed my mind that he'd be practicing tightrope walking.
I wish I was that steady on my feet.
Then again, perhaps he isn't quite ready for the Grand Canyon yet.

As I said earlier, it rained for a little while and this was it.

Everywhere was quiet again today, even Keswick Launch was almost empty. Apart from the two guys fishing we saw no one from setting off until we got to the path above Rosthwaite.

Almost back at the car now but one last picture showing Derwent Water and Cat Bells.

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