8th July 2012

Tarn Hows to Tilberthwaite


Walk Overview
Time 08.00 to 13.20
Duration 5 hr 20 min
Distance 9.6 mile
Ascent 2100 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Yew Tree Tarn - Tom Gill - Tarn Hows - Iron Keld - Black Crag - Low Arnside - Hollin Bank - Low Oxen Fell - High Oxen Fell - Hodge Close - Stang End - Low Hall Garth - Tilberthwaite - Shepherds Bridge - Yew Tree Farm - Yew Tree Tarn
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Tom Gill, near Coniston

This car park is found just down the road from Yew Tree Farm; one of the Lake District properties owned by Beatrix Potter. Aside from this obvious attraction, the car park is generally used as a starting point for a walk to Tarn Hows. It may be further away from Tarn Hows than its main parking spot, but it is easier to get to and the walk past Tom Gill waterfalls is well worth the effort.

This is a pay and display car park.

Should you get here at a reasonable time of day, you may be able to get a free space at Yew Tree Tarn. This is found about 5 minutes walk from the main car park. There is a narrow path linking the two together.

Route Map

Reflections in Yew Tree Tarn.

A short walk above the road took us from the tarn to the 'pay and display' car park further along the road where we picked up the path to Tom Gill waterfalls.

This is the higher of the waterfalls at Tom Gill. The main one which much more impressive than this is found a little lower down, but the pictures just didn't work.

Tarn Hows, seen in front of Coniston Old Man and Wetherlam. 15 minutes after taking this picture the cloud was down and the two fell tops were out of sight.
I can't exactly complain about it being over crowded today. Between setting off and reaching Stang End we only saw a couple of runners and a farmer.

The money tree. Unfortunately it was the wrong variety. If it had been bigger with £20 notes instead of leaves I'd have dug it up and took it home.

A seat with a view.

Heading across to Black Crag.

Ambleside and Windermere, seen from the top of Black Crag.

A close up of Hawkshead and Esthwaite Water.

From the summit we headed down to Low Arnside Farm; the white building in the centre of the picture.

and here it is.


This walk takes you past some lovely cottages and farms. This one is Low Oxen Fell, , ,

, , , and this one is High Oxen Fell where we were treated to about 20 seconds of sunshine.

High Oxen Fell again, this time from the farmyard.

Stang End.

Looking across Little Langdale to Lingmoor Fell.

Bridge over the River Brathay. Jennifer is out of sight on the other side of the wall making a start on today's food supplies.

A little further up stream is the unmistakable Slater Bridge.


Low Hall Garth.

It's up to the individual whether you love them or hate them and although I think it looks like great fun, it's not something I'd choose to do. The beaming smile on the face of the young lady that was driving this assured me she was having a great time.

Looking in the same direction as the previous photo. from a bit higher up and without the 4x4s.

Arriving at Tilberthwaite and it's raining again.

Very attractive I must say.

and the rest of the house.

Daft animals. All of these had just ran past us as if they were being chased by a pack of hungry wolves and once they got here, they stopped in their tracks and we had to pick our way between them.

Shepherds Bridge.

and finally, a picture of Yew Tree Farm.

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