4th August 2012

Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike


Walk Overview
Time 08.00 to 11.00
Duration 3 hr
Distance 5.1 mile
Ascent 2010 ft
Walking with On my own
Stybarrow Crag - Ullswater path to Glenridding - Rake Cottages - The Rake - Glenridding Dodd - Heron Pike - Sheffield Pike - Nick Head - Bleabank Side - Seldon Seen - Ullswater - Stybarrow Crag
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Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Stybarrow Crag, Ullswater

If Glenridding is full, as it often is during summer, this offers a somewhat convenient alternative. Despite its usefulness in this case the car park is a nice place to begin a walk onto Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike.

Parking is free.


Route Map

Not quite the brightest start I've ever had to a walk, but this is exactly what was forecast so I can't really ask for a refund.
"Why didn't you set off later"
"With heavy thundery downpours on the cards for later in the day, I thought I'd have the best chance of a dry walk by setting off early"

Walk up the steps, , , the path around the edge doesn't seem to lead anywhere.

Before you know it you're outside Glenridding and if you stick to the lake shore path rather than the road, you get this nice view down to the end of the lake.

It was surprisingly warm this morning and it was already time to loose the trouser bottoms. I don't know why I didn't just set off in shorts as I normally do at this time of year. Above, you can see Sheffield Pike and the lower of the cottages on Greenside Road.

Place Fell seen beyond Greenside Road.

Birkhouse Moor seen above Rake Cottages.

A view down to Greenside Road taken from the hot and humid walk up The Rake.

This is Glenridding Dodd summit. Reaching here was perfectly timed for a few minutes of sunshine. The fell behind is Birkhouse Moor.

Close to the summit is one of the many old boundary markers found along today's route. This side has a "H" for the Howards of Graystoke Castle   and this side has an "M" for the Marshall's of Patterdale Hall.

Sheffield Pike seen from Glenridding Dodd. The route drops down to the wall and then more or less follows the skyline.

Looking back to Glenridding Dodd.

Another of the markers, this one seen in front of Birkhouse Moor.

I didn't quite catch it at the best angle, but this rock seems to have some resemblance to a Rhinoceros head.

A view back down shows how much height has been gained since leaving Glenridding Dodd.

Wet and muddy, but nothing that won't wash off when I get home.

Just past the top of Sheffield Pike the view opens up to show Raise on the left, Sticks Pass in the centre and Stybarrow Dodd up on the right.

Heading down to Glencoyne.

Looking across to Glencoyne Head.


Seldom Seen, the cottages were originally built for the miners living in the area. I think I'm correct in saying the miners worked in the mines on the other side of Sheffield Pike at Greenside, which makes me wonder why didn't they build the cottages over there instead.

On the opposite side of Ullswater is the northern end of Place Fell.

A final picture, looking down to the Glenridding / Patterdale end of Ullswater.

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