5th August 2012

Not quite beating the rain on a walk from Threlkeld

Walk Overview
Time 08.45 to 12.55
Duration 4 hr 10 min
Distance 9.2 mile
Ascent 1400 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Threlkeld - Blencathra Centre - below Blease Fell - Lonscale Crags - Whit Beck - Latrigg - Brundholme - Keswick railway path - A66 - Threlkeld
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Threlkeld village

Threlkeld offers lots of roadside parking. If you should decide to park in the centre of the village instead of using one of the car parks, it really is a case of just turning up and finding a convenient spot.


Route Map

Clough Head seen from the car park in Threlkeld.

Stuart Terrace dated 1902.

Looking into St John's in the Vale from the road between Threlkeld and the Blencathra Centre.

and not so close up.

Passing by High Row Farm.


A close up of Robinson with High Snab and Low High Snab farms enjoying a little sunshine. Make good of it because it won't last.

This view back along the track shows Clough Head, the Dodds and Helvellyn are all free of cloud for the time being.

Turning around, we get a clear view of the route we'd be taking today; down this side of the valley, across the middle bit, and back along the other side. That's Great Calva in the distance.

There was plenty of water about today, but not as much as there must have been when all this debris was washed down from Blease Fell.

and now crossing over Roughten Gill, pronounced Rawtn ('raw' as in an argument).

Here's Great Calva again, this time seen from the Lonscale Fells side of the valley.

Although path cuts straight through the side of Lonscale Crags, it isn't nearly as hairaising as it may look here.
Notice that Clough Head, The Dodds and Helvellyn are all under cloud now.


It looks like there's a storm brewing over there.

Crossing Whit Beck.

Despite the forecast for torrential downpours and thunder & lightning during the afternoon, there were lots of people still determined to set off for a walk up Skiddaw. Perhaps I'm soft or something, but the top of Skiddaw isn't somewhere I want to be in the middle of a thunder storm.

Unfortunately all that weather was heading our way. As the claps of thunder got louder and more frequent, common sense told us to make a move.

A close up of Derwent Water and Borrowdale.

"You know something George, , , we've been coming to the Lake District for the last 40 years and this has to be the wettest summer of the lot. I reckon it's time to admit defeat and have a fortnight in Spain or somewhere like that"

"but Mildred; you know I don't like all that foreign food, and what about the funny water"

"Oooo, you do worry about things. There's plenty of room in the caravan so we could take our own"

"Perhaps you're right Mildred, perhaps you're right"

Zooming across Dale Bottom to the fells around Thirlmere.

"Quick, , , put the waterproofs on"

A close up of Derwentfolds

Clough Head and High Rigg, taken from the point where the path off Latrigg joins up with the road above Brundholme.

Absolutely lashing it down and time to put the camera away for the day.

David Hall -
Lake District Walks