10th August 2012

Binsa and High Ireby


Walk Overview
Time 13.30 to 15.25
Duration 1 hr 55 min
Distance 5.2 mile
Ascent 900 ft
Walking with On my own
Binsey Lodge - Binsey - Whittas Park - Nr High Houses farm - High Ireby - Ruthwaite - road to Binsey Lodge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Binsey Cottage

There isn't much room along here I'm afraid; four cars if you're lucky. Then again, and quite wrongly in my opinion, Binsey has a reputation of being an "also visited" fell, so the chances are that you'll still get a parking space.


Route Map

In light of what I'm hoping to do tomorrow, I opted for a short gentle walk this afternoon, so Binsey and High Ireby seemed like the perfect spot to visit. Set apart from the rest of the Lake District, Binsey gives great views back to the higher Lakeland fells and as was the case today, some fantastic clear views across to Scotland.

As I was saying, great views back to the Lakeland fells.
That's Overwater on the left hand side of the photo.

A close up of Uldale. The road behind the village takes you to Caldbeck.

Binsey summit, looking towards Scotland.

and now looking towards the northern Lakeland fells. Skiddaw is the higher fell on the right.

Looking down to Ireby. In among the trees at the bottom of the photo is High Ireby where I'm heading. You can just see some of the roof tops.

It isn't very often that conditions are as clear as this. If you look carefully you can see the individual buildings on the Scotland side of the Solway.






Heading down to High Ireby.
I'm pleased to report that it was red hot walking down here and I haven't said that very often this summer. I'm also pleased to say there was a zero chance of it raining so the only thing I carried on this walk was the camera, a flannel and the car keys.

Walking through High Ireby.
I know I'm a bit biased because my family come from Ireby, but this would be a lovely spot to live.

"why can't you just stand still, I'm only trying to take your photo"


Another close up of Uldale.


A 'sign' of the ever changing times we live in.
Although, , , I suppose I could always catch the 8.48 bus to Keswick and then walk back over the fells to Uldale.

Ruthwaite ( pronounced Ru'th't ) / Ru as in rub / th as in thick / t as in tap.

Marshall Cottage seen in front of some of the Uldale Fells.

And a final photo looking across to the Uldale fells.

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