12th August 2012

St John's in the Vale and High Rigg


Walk Overview
Time 09.00 to 12.00
Duration 3 hr
Distance 4.8 mile
Ascent 1300 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Bridge End Farm junction - Low Bridge end Farm - St John's in the Vale - St John's in the Vale church - High Rigg - High Rigg Tarn - Long Band - Wren Crag - Bridge End Farm junction
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Bridge End Farm junction with A591

With room for only about a dozen or so cars this spot tends to fill up rather quickly. If you do manage to get parked this is a really handy place to begin a walk onto the southern ridge of High Rigg or even Thirlmere which is only a shot walk down the road opposite the parking spaces.


Route Map

There are two choices on this walk, up High Rigg and back through St John's in the Vale or through St John's in the Vale and back over High Rigg. Today, we chose the latter. And the reason, , , there isn't one to be honest. Each route is just a good as the other and it's best not to put much thought into it and just go for what ever takes your fancy at the time.

Round the end of the fell, out of the woods and the view through St John's in the Vale opens up. In the distance is Blendcathra, under cloud.


"Right, you're starting to do my head in now, , , just tell me what you're staring at"

Walking through the woods just beyond Low Bridge End Farm.

Looking across to t'other side of St John's in the Vale.


In the distance you can see Lonscale Fell on the left hand side of the tree and Blencathra on the right.


The sunshine was lovely along here, just like one of those proper summer days. Hence the expression "it ain't half hot mum"

St John's in the Vale Church.

Blencathra seen from the path up High Rigg.

Approaching High Rigg summit.

High Rigg summit.

We're heading over the wall, onto the path on the left and then up to the nick in the skyline.

and once you get there, you find High Rigg Tarn.

A bit of a hazy view down to Thirlmere.

Actually, it ain't half hot mum has nowt to do with walking through St John's in the Vale so you can forget I said that.

The dip in the ridge gives this view across to Blencathra, which is almost free of cloud now.

A view back along the ridge make me think the day is changing.

With no shelter at all, I'm always surprised these trees don't get blown over. They must be quite bendy.

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