4th October 2012

Helm Crag and Grasmere


Walk Overview
Time 13.15 to 15 45
Duration 2 hr 30 min
Distance 5.5 mile
Ascent 1200 ft
Walking with On my own
A591 - Butharlyp Howe - Easedale Road - White Crag - Helm Crag - Bracken Hause - Green Burn - Ghyll Foot - Underhelm - Easedale Road - Grasmere - A591
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, A591 outside Grasmere

I've described this spot as roadside parking, but it is actually a rather long lay-by found between Grasmere and the bottom of Dunmail Raise. It is quite a popular spot, so latecomers may arrive to find it full. If this turned out to be the case the best alternative would be to try one of the car parks in Grasmere itself. It all depends on where you're going of course, but the distance this would add onto your walk is not much at all.


Route Map

Even though I'd been to work this morning and it would have made more sense to walk somewhere on the western side of the Lakes, I just fancied a walk up Helm Crag today. On the drive down Dunmail Raise most of the fells around here were well under cloud but thankfully my gamble paid off and in no time at all they were clear.

Walking through Butharlyp How. I think it's pronounced as Butterlip How.

"That's Helm Crag up there"
I'd never really thought about it before, but after a couple had asked me if I knew where Helm Crag was, they said the road gives the impression that it's taking you in the wrong direction. I suppose when you look at it from this point, they could be right.

"I'm sick and tired of you Humans staring at me. It's not my fault my mother had one night stand with a badger"

Height is gained now and the views just keep coming. In the middle distance is Grasmere (lake) and Loughrigg Fell. Up on the right of the picture is Silver How.

Seat Sandal, Fairfield (topped in cloud) and Great Rigg.

Looking to the right you see Heron Pike and the A591.

Not far from the top now and there's a bit of rain in the air.

A couple of minutes later it was chucking it down and hear I am, crouched behind a big rock trying to stay dry.

That's the Lion and the Lamb. I think they're both watching the rain move away.

Looking ahead to the Howitzer.

A close up of Easedale Tarn.

Just about to walk past the Howitzer, on the left hand side not this side.

And before I knew it, the sun was out and the view across to Gibson Knott and Calf Crag was crystal clear.

Now I'm on the short drop down to Bracken Hause. Over there is Seat Sandal above the top section of Dunmail Raise.

Zigzaging my way back down to valley level.

A close up of Town Head. The road running across the top of the photo is the bottom of Dunmail Raise.

A nice one last Sunday and a nice one today, , , , it must be rainbow season.

A view up Steel Fell, taken just before I left the open fell and began the walk back to Grasmere.

Off the fell and onto the road.

There were lots of showers this afternoon, so after standing under a tree for ten minutes to keep dry, I took this picture of Ghyll Foot.

Looking back along the road towards Steel Fell.


Silver Lea in front of Helm Crag.

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