10th October 2012

The sunshine didn't last long on a walk around Derwent Water


Walk Overview
The sunshine didn't last long on a walk around Derwent Water
Time 12.55 to 16.45
Duration 3 hr 50 min
Distance 9 mile
Ascent NA
Walking with Jennifer
Portinscale - Keswick - Landing Stages - Stable Hills - Barrow Bay - Great Bay - Derwent Water shore path - Nichol End - Portinscale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking near Portinscale suspension bridge

This is somewhere I tend to start walking from qutie a lot. It's nice and handy for Keswick, Borrowdale, Newlands Valley, Skiddaw, Latrigg and even the Castlerigg Stone Circle area.

The parking is free and no matter at what time of year or time of day I've always managed to get a space here.

From here you're only about 10 minutes walk from Keswick with everything the town has to offer, and in the opposite direction you're less than 5 minutes walk from Portinscale.


Route Map

Had the sunshine been set to stay with us for the rest of the day we'd have gone up one or two fells this afternoon. However, the forecast was for cloud to eventually cover the whole place, and apart from that my foot was playing up. In light of these 'excuses' I thought it best to stick to lower, level ground today.
We just managed to get the last parking space along here today. Actually, if that side of the road had been completely full, I'd have started a trend and parked on this side.

Looking back along the track between Portinscale and Keswick. The high point on the left is Grisedale Pike, the pointed bit above the end of the track is Whinlatter and the rocky fell over on the right is Barf.

Bryson's, supplying posh cakes to us two for decades.

"Stop rocking the boat about or we'll both end up on the water"

Keswick launch in front of Grisedale Pike.

Just as forecast, here comes the cloud.


Passing by Stable Hills. Right above the house is Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man.

After a week or so of dry(ish) weather the Hundred Year Stone is almost out of the water.


A view down the lake to the Skiddaw fells. This is the landing stage found at the bottom of the Ashness Bridge road.

and not so close to the landing stage.

Keswick Launch passes us. So far, it's been a really nice week for anyone taking a trip on the boat.


No takers for afternoon tea by the river this afternoon.

Just about to cross Chinese Bridge which is more or less the half way point of the walk.

A view of Cat Bells, taken from the end of Chinese Bridge.

It's a good job the boardwalk is here, the ground on both sides was absolutely sodden wet.


There are lots of named bays around Derwent Water and if memory serves me right, this one is Myrtle Bay.

We walked quickly past this house. Someone had just told us there was a wolf in there dressed up as someone's granny.

Peace and quiet at Brandelhow Point.

Surely they've noticed the boat is going to hit the landing stage. If it were me, I'd be making a run for it.

Walking past 'the hands' I couldn't help notice that the cracks in the skin are getting longer and wider. I wonder if it was intentional that they should be left alone to rot away.
In about 30 years time people will be walking along here and wondering what it's all about after reading the stone inscription on the ground. Hopefully I'll still be around to tell them there used to be some giant wooden hands here.

Life on a treetrunk.

The afternoon was fast slipping away by now and the fells, they were disappearing under the ever lowering cloud.

That's all for today folks, , , , ,

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