10th November 2012

Great Calva, Hare Crag and Sale How


Walk Overview
Time 09.10 to 15.50
Duration 6 hr 40 min
Distance 10.7 mile
Ascent 2500 ft
Walking with Neil Haslewood, Peter Burgess
Blencathra Centre - Side of Blease Fell - Skiddaw House - Great Calva - Hare Crag - Sale How - Skiddaw House - Side of Blease Fell - Blencathra Centre
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, behind the Blencathra Centre, Threlkeld

At almost 1000ft above sea level this is a popular starting point for those wishing for an easier ascent of Blencathra.
Parking is free, but it is quite a popular spot. If you find this car park full you'll need to back track to the car park a little further down the road or even in the village itself.


Route Map

Apart from Hare Crag and Sale How, today's route was by no means set in stone. We had a rough idea in mind but that was fully open to change, depending on the weather conditions, how we felt and more to the point, how much time we had.
This view shows the sunny and quite warm conditions we enjoyed as we set out.

Not long after setting out we met fell walking friend John P who was taking his two dogs for a walk before he went off to watch the football.

Lonscale Fell seen across Glendaraterra valley.

There was plenty of water flowing down Roughton Gill today, in fact, there was plenty of water flowing everywhere today.

Passing by Skiddaw House.

The rain had stopped by now and as we crossed the infant River Caldew it was like a completely different day.

A view across to the 'back' of Skiddaw.
The raised ground in the centre of the picture is Hare Crag. We'll be heading across there later but first, we needed to get to the top of Great Calva.

Blue sky and sunshine above Great Calva.

Just a short walk across to the summit now.

I think we timed it just right getting to the top of Great Calva. It's conical shape allows all round view of the surrounding fells and while we were here the cloud was swirling about and coming and going by the minute.

A brief gap in the cloud and we could see Carrock Fell in the distance.

Looking back to Great Calva.


I think someone 'up there' was playing tricks on us today by turning the light on and off.

"Look at this tunnel I've just found. I'm not sure where it goes but I'm gonna take a look, , , , , you two carry on and I'll see you later"

There was lots of wide open spaces on this walk and if you look at the terrain you can't help but notice the amount of heather and grassy tussocks we had to walk through. To say the least this type of walking is quite tiring and so time consuming.

"That was interesting, it cuts right through the middle of the fell and comes out here"   "Don't just stand there taking photos, help me out"

Swirling cloud on Great Calva on the left and Mungrisdale Common on the right.


Standing on Sale How, having a bite to eat and looking up towards Skiddaw.

A sort of close up of Longscale Fell with Clough Head a little further in the distance.

Sunshine on the side of Blease Fell.

As we retraced our route back to the Blencathra Centre we passed this waterfall coming down the side of Blease Fell.

A view across to Clough Head and the Dodds. A little to the right of Clough Head is High Rigg and if you look in front of that, you can see Tewet Tarn.

It's almost the middle of November and the nights have cut right in now. It isn't even 4 o'clock and the brightness has almost gone from the day.

In among all that scenery you can pick out Derwent Water, Causey Pike, Walla Crag, Cat Bells and easiest of all, Latrigg.

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