24th November 2012

Caiston Glen skyline - High Hartsop Dodd to Middle Dodd


Walk Overview
Time 09.30 to 14.00
Duration 4 hr 30 min
Distance 6.8 mile
Ascent 2300 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
Cow Bridge - Brothers Water - Hartsop Hall - High Hartsop Dodd - Little Hart Crag - top of Scandale Pass - Red Screes - Middle Dodd - Hartsop Hall - Brothers Water - Cow Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Cow Bridge, Hartsop

Found within easy reach of the beautiful Brothers Water, and Dovedale, the car park at Cow Bridge is a popular place for those who are looking for an easy stroll through picturesque countryside. Those who are looking for a longer day on the higher fells will also find this a great place to begin a walk. The more inventive fell walker will find this a great place to devise less obvious but thoroughly enjoyable routes.

Parking is free.


Route Map

Despite the lack of sunshine, Brothers Water was lovely this morning. There wasn't a breath of wind and the reflections were much better than we may have hoped for. This picture shows Hartsop Dodd.

More reflections.

It's hardly a big surprise for anyone, but the place was sooooooo wet today. I think it rained every day this week and a few of those were torrential, causing lots of floods up and down the country. Incredibly, we managed to complete today's walk without any rain, hail or snow at all.

Looking up to High Hartsop Dodd. Yes, its a steep one.

It doesn't take long for the views to open up on walks like this one. Here you can see Brothers Water in front of Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags.



Looking back to High Hartsop Dodd, just as the cloud came in for a while.

Heading down from Little Hart Crag. I would have taken a picture at the top of Little Hart Crag but a couple of folk thought the summit cairn was the best spot to unpack their bags and have a cuppa.

Heading down to Scandale Pass. Red Screes is up there in among the cloud.

It may have been a bit misty but we still manage a view through Scandale and down to the end of Windermere.

Little Hart Crag; now free from cloud.

Dove Crag and High Bakestones.

On route to Red Screes.

And as if by magic, the cloud moves and we enjoy views from the summit of Red Screes.

A glimpse of Windermere in the distance.

Looking down to Middle Dodd.

There was lots of cloud drama going on today. This picture shows the cloud moving across the Coniston fells, , , , okay, I know it's not actually moving but you know what I mean.

Harrison Stickle puts in an appearance.

Almost down to Middle Dodd.

A view back up to Red Screes.
I could be mistaken but that bright bit at the top could be the sun.

This is a view from the very steep and very slippery route down from Middle Dodd. Lots of concentration was needed on here today.

We were parked at the far left hand corner of Brothers Water down there.

The bridge over Caiston Beck.

Passing by one of the old farm buildings on route between Middle Dodd and Hartsop Hall.

And another one. If it were a little bit more accessible this would make a nice house for anyone in search of solitude.

Hart Crag seen from the fields near Hartsop Hall.

And again.

A final look back to High Hartsop Dodd and Middle Dodd.

I think both of these have seen much better days. Having said that, once the flat tyre gets sorted I'm sure it'll still do its job.

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