2nd December 2012

Ullock Pike, Longside, Carlside and St Bega Church


Walk Overview
Time 09.40 to 14.20
Duration 4 hr 40 min
Distance 7.2 mile
Ascent 2500 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Near Ravenstone Hotel - Ling How - The Edge - Ullock Pike - Longside Edge - Carlside - White Stones - Long Doors - Dodd Wood - Mirehouse - St Bega Church - Near Ravenstone Hotel
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside spaces, Ravenstone Hotel, Bassenthwaite

There are a few different parking areas along the road between the main car park at Dodd Wood and the Ravenstone Hotel so I have grouped them all together into one.

An obvious circular walk in this area is an ascent of Carl Side via the Ullock Pike ridge and then descending back to the valley by way of Dodd. Should this be your choice of walk then the starting point along this section of road is irrelevant.


Route Map

With a bit of zoom to cut out the shadow, here's a picture of Sale Fell and Ling Fell seen on the opposite side of Bassenthwaite Lake.

Even though I could see the Ullock Pike ridge on the drive here this morning I underestimated just how long we'd spend walking in the shade. Normally it wouldn't matter so much but it was such a nice day and it felt like a shame not to be taking full advantage of the sunshine. Next time the weather is like this I'll try to use a south facing ridge at this time of year.

On the other side of the lake are the Lord's Seat fells and over on the left, the pointed fell is Grisdale Pike.

Sunshine on some of the Uldale fells.

Binsey in sunshine.


Just below Ullock Pike and at last we're into the sunshine.

Ullock Pike summit.

Looking ahead to Long Side. Up on the left are Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man. Both look more than a little inviting but they're out of bounds today; more on that later.

Ullock Pike.

Walking across the flat(ish) top of Carl Side. That's Long Side behind and in the far distance you can make out the Scottish hills.

Both of us wanted to follow this route up onto Skiddaw, and had we brought full crampons instead of the lesser effective micro spikes, we probably would have. Common sense prevailed and I backed out because didn't want to subject a persistently troublesome foot to icy conditions on an angle like this. Had I slipped and used that foot to save myself I could have set back what is already turning out to be a very slow healing process.

And not as close up as the previous photo.

Jennifer in front of Skiddaw Little Man.

Making our way down to White Stones. It seems like a strange name to me, but I'm not in charge of naming things.

Time for a bite to eat. "If you put hood up and ditched the Tesco carrier bag, you'd blend in perfectly with the background"

A close up of Raise, Whiteside and Helvellyn. The pointed fell at the back is Catstye Cam.

Not so close up and now showing the Dodds, High Rigg and Latrigg as well

Lakeland Silhouettes.

A nice clear view down to Dodd.


A view across Bassenthwaite Lake to the Lord's Seat Fells.

Walking through the grounds at Mirehouse.

and now you can see the front of the house.

Inside St Bega Church. It was a bit warmer in here than it was outside.

Outside the church and not too far from the car now. High level cloud was moving across the area, time was matching on and the temperature was a good deal lower down here than it had been up above the snowline earlier in the walk.

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