5th December 2012

Grisedale Pike, Grasmoor and Wandope


Walk Overview
Time 07.30 to 13.00
Duration 5 hr 30 min
Distance 9.8 mile
Ascent 3300 ft
Walking with On my own
Whinlatter Pass (bottom) - Kinn - Grisedale Pike - Coledale Hause - Grasmoor - Wandope Moss - Wandope - Wandope Moss - Coledale Hause - Coledale - Whinlatter Pass (bottom)
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Whinlatter Pass, above Braithwaite

This isn't a very big car park, but it is perhaps the most obvious starting point for a walk up the north east ridge onto Grisedale Pike, so consequently it fills up early in the day. When this happens people simply start to park along the roadside below the car park. The alternative would be to park in Braithwaite itself.


Route Map

I definitely lived up to my reputation for being an early bird today. I was up on the fellside long before the sun had even got up this morning. As the lights down in Braithwaite show, it was still quite dark when I took this picture.
Yes, the photo has been lightened somewhat. To be honest, I'm surprised I managed to hold the camera steady enough to get a picture as un-blurred as this.

An early sign that the sunrise wasn't too far away. I'd best slow down a little otherwise I'll be in the wrong place at the right time.

Although I couldn't see the sun myself, the tops of the fells were beginning to catch the first of its rays.

Right, this'll have do for a while. If I carry on walking I'll end up in the dip and I'll miss the sunrise.

Close up of Grisedale Pike.

Here it comes.

and a little bit more.

Standing up here watching the sun rising was absolutely magical. It was one of those extra special fell walking moments you don't forget in a hurry.

That's enough standing about, now it's time to get moving again.

It was getting quite slippery and quite windy now and although I could have managed a bit further without crampons I know this is the last place with any chance of shelter so it made sense to put them on before I actually needed than.

It doesn't seem very steep from here, but when you're actually walking up there, , , , ,

, , , , you realise looks can be deceptive.

Almost at Grisedale Pike summit. I'm no detective but looking at the snow, I reckon I'm the first person up here today.

Just past Grisedale Pike summit and looking across to Hopegill Head and Grasmoor.

Hopegill Head again. It's the pointed one on the right.

A view back to Grisedale Pike.

Heading down to Coledale Hause with Grasmoor ahead of me.


Heading up to Grasmoor was really hard work. The whole place was covered with a crust of ice and I went through it with every step I took.

A view backwards shows Hopegill Head on the left, Grisedale Pike in the middle of the picture and the northern fells in the distance.

At Grasmoor summit shelter.
This was not a place to hang around today. Don't fooled by the blue sky and sunshine, it was absolutely freezing up here; it's not very often I feel cold at all never mind like this. It was very windy, the spindrift was whipping up and as soon as I'd taken this picture I was off again.

Harsh conditions but great fun.

Heading down to Wandope Moss. That's Wandope on the right.

Looking around to the left I got this broadside view of Eel Crag (Crag Hill).

A view back towards Grasmoor.

Crag Hill and Sail, seen from Wandope summit.

I had intended to continue across to Crag Hill and Sail but my foot was starting to tell me it had had enough for one day. I don't think it was the distance or the ascent, so it had to have been the bit of extra tightness of the boots caused by wearing crampons. It's still better than slipping and it's easy enough to get back down to Coledale Hause from here.

Cloud drama above Eel Crag.

Needless to say I almost had the place to myself today. I passed a couple near Coledale Hause and I saw the guy up there twice; and that was it.

Out of the sun and into the shade of Coledale I go.

This is new. Obviously it's something to do with water but I'm not sure what.

A not too clear picture of Sail and Eel Crag, taken from the beginning of the walk through Coledale

A close up of Blease Fell (Blencathera) and Latrigg.

and not so close up. This time you can also see Skiddaw Little Man, Lonscale Fell, Great Mell Fell and Clough Head.

Almost back at the car after what was a fantastic walk. I saw a gorgeous sunrise, had fantastic winter conditions on the tops and as I said earlier, I almost had the place to myself.
I couldn't help but notice that Braithwaite was a bit lighter now than it was when I set off this morning.

And to finish, a photo looking across to the Skiddaw fells.

David Hall -
Lake District Walks